When I was a little boy I loved taking hikes through the woods and I still do but one area caused me to be a little more Cautious of those woods. There is a large patch of pine trees in the woods called witchcraft pines where I had multiple unusual experiences and this is one of those experiences. When I was 8 or 10 years old I was walking through the woods in winter but then I stumbled upon Witchcraft pines but since I never seen this part of the woods before I decided to go there anyway even though I got the feeling that I was being watched. A few minutes later I stumbled upon a valley with a frozen pond in the center of it. This valley was named Windigo valley and you will see why it is called that. When I was approaching the valley I noticed a 12 or 15 foot tall pale humanoid monster with long sword like claws standing in the center of the pond and then I realized this was the Windigo. Unfortunately I stepped on a stick that made a snapping sound and that caused it to look in my direction which revealed it’s face which had soulless black pits for eyes and it had a wide and creepy grin which revealed a row of shark like jaws and it said something that creeps me out to this day. ( You can’t run and you can’t hide! Windigo will find you and he only requires a small amount of luck to do so! ) I screamed and ran away but for some reason it wasn’t chasing me so I managed to escape. I am 15 years old now and I conduct investigations and research on paranormal activity and cryptozoological activity and what I learned from this experience is Witchcraft pines is very high in unusual phenomena especially Windigo valley.
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