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My friends were going on their first hunting trip, and they wanted me to come along because I’m fairly experienced. When we got to the forest, I told them it would be good to “scope” out the area to find good hiding spots, good places to plant bait, and other things. We were walking when we heard this animalistic rage filled howl. My brother (not by blood, we have a bond that is very hard to come by)  , me, and one of my friends form a protective triangle around the rest of the group (my girlfriend, my brothers girlfriend, my other friends girlfriend, and the brother of my brothers girlfriend) and pull out our knives. None of us saw anything unusual. No flashes of black, pounding footsteps or growling. My sense of smell is far superior to theirs, so I can usually sniff something out long before they can. My girlfriend asks me if I can smell anything, and I take a deep breath, close my eyes and concentrate. I tried to smell as much as I could. The wood, dirt, leaves, other animals. And then there it was. I open my eyes, turn to the group wishing the defensive triangle me, Carson, and Paul (not their real names) and tell them “I need you to listen very carefully and do anything I say without hesitation, or you will die. Do you understand?” My girlfriend asks me what I smelled in a more scared tone, and I tell them “It’s either a werewolf or a shapeshifter. Now listen. If we can’t outrun this thing, Paul, Carson and I will have to fight it. And if we do, I want you guys to haul ass to the car and floor it back to the house, and don’t look back.” My girlfriend replies in a more confident tone “If we’re going to die, we’re going to die together. Got that, seaweed brain?” The beast howled again, this time much closer. We all look at each other, and simultaneously yell “RUN!” I don’t know if we managed to outrun this thing for a while or if it was just toying with us, but the brother of my brothers girlfriend started falling behind, and this thing caught him. Hearing his screams as we were running will forever haunt our dreams. We got back to the car, hopped in, and my brother floored it back to the house we lived in (yes, we all live in the same house) and my brothers girlfriend started sobbing. We sat in silence until we got back to the house. We ran upstairs, grabbed our shotguns, went into my room, and locked the door. After a few hours, we were tired, so everyone else went to bed and my girlfriend and I went downstairs. We were talking in the dining room and she asks me “Do you think he’s really dead?” With a shaky voice, I reply “Yes”. She comes over and gives me the best hug of my life. She tells me she’s gonna go make a cup of coffee for us (we usually share one mug). Not even 30 seconds later, I hear her scream and drop the mug, shattering. I run to her and ask what’s wrong and she points a shaky hand at the window. I look out of it, and there it is. At least 8 feet tall, golden eyes, jet black fur, claws the size of large Bowie knives, and fangs the size of my hand. I grab her by the hand, run to my room, and since the noise had woken everybody else up, rushed everyone else in the room. I left my girlfriend with a shotgun and Carson, Paul, and I grabbed our rifles and went downstairs, only to find the door wide open. Carson says “Crap, that was locked. It could be anywhere on the first floor!” I tell him to be quiet so I can listen. I hear a floorboard creak, and a deep growl, and heavy footsteps toward us. We spun towards the sound to see the beast, snarling. That was when my girlfriend arrived and most likely saved our butts. She landed one good hit with the shotgun, making it yelp and run out the house. With a smile, she said “Looks like you puny mortals needed help.” We went back to the room, stayed up until morning, then everybody else went to their own rooms and fell asleep for a long time. That was a couple months ago, and we haven’t seen the creature since. And I hope we never see it again.
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Are you seriously using Percy Jackson characters, you fool? Not even believable when you use "Seaweed brain" like Annabeth or "puny mortals" like those monsters throughout the series.
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