This story took place in t8 wells township which is an unorganized township. This is not the scariest story but was the scariest moment i have had in the woods.

It was October 2015 it was ruff grouse season here in Maine. I had that Thursday off so i planned to go into my grandparents camps to do some bird hunting. I got there a little after 3pm so i knew i didn't have much time to get some hunting in before dark but i knew i could make it to an old Apple orchard about 3/4 of a mile away.

I knew there would be some patridge in there getting something to eat before they go roost for the night. I grabbed a handfull of 16 gauge shells for my shotgun i put one in the chamber and two in the tube then put the rest of them in my vest pocket. I start my walk towards the orchard. I reach the orchard and start slowing making my way in trying to make as little noise as possible which is hard because the brush around and in this orchard is thick so it hard for anything in or around to be quiet.

I start to break the brush line keeping my eyes opening for any movement when i hear something to my right take off and can see one of the top of the apple trees swaying back and forth.

I catch a glimpse of a bear taking off down through the trees and listen to it crashing through the brush.

That bear was only about 40yards from me when it jumped down out of the tree. So im standing there for a moment just listen to this bear go. After about 30 to 40 seconds i hear something to my left i could hear something small walking towards me but i couldn't see it because of the thick brush. Next thing i know there's a bear cub 30 feet in front of barking like dog walking towards me i start back peddling yelling at it.

The cub kept i just kept walking backwards me and i kept yelling at the cub walking backwards.  Finally the cub stopped then stood up on its hind legs just looking at my at this point there about 80 feet between us he then took off towards the direction his mom went.

I know this isn't the scariest story but in the that moment i wasn't sure how it was gonna go down i have come across alot of bear over the years and they have always gone the other way
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