This story takes place in southwest Pennsylvania roughly 40 miles north of the West Virginia border. I'm an avid outdoorsman and love spending time in nature when I'm not working. But one recent terrifying camping trip changed the way I look at the world we live and what hides in the shadows. This happened in mid April of 2020, I was out of work due to the Covid-19 crisis going on and decided it was a good time to go camping since it was relatively nice out.

So I phoned two good friends of mine to go camping on some state land in the Appalachian Mountains for a weekend. We'll call them Ron and Jake. So on that day we drove out to the most remote area we could find in the mountains. Parked my SUV, unloaded our tents and other camping gear and hiked a few miles deep into the uncharted Appalachian mountain wilderness.

And yes in case you're wondering all three of us were carrying firearms for protection. Ron, being the biggest gun nut out of all three of us had his Glock 10mm and DPMS AR-10 308 tactical rifle.

Jake had his Colt 45 1911 handgun, and I had my Mossberg 590M 12 gauge.

We soon found a small clearing in the dense forest. Perfect spot to set up camp. We all did notice large scratch marks on some trees about 7 feet off the ground, but of course we didn't think much of it, as It was about an hour before dark and needed to setup our tents, gather firewood, and get a fire going, We sat around the campfire drinking a few beers, listened to music and retold some old stories.... By around 11pm we decided to call it a night.

When we had turned off the music playing on my bluetooth speaker.

We realised the forest was completely silent. All three of us knew this was very odd but again didn't think much of It. So we just climbed into our tents and tried to get some sleep. I woke up some time later to an overwhelming feeling of dread and that we needed to get out of there.

The forest was still silent.

But the silence was then broken by Jake screaming not far away followed by some gunshots and a very deep / loud gutteral roar. It sounded like a grizzly bear roar but much deeper. I bursted out of my tent along with Ron, now completely sobered up. And guns drawn. The fire had died down quite a bit, but still lit up the campsite, Jake came sprinting back into the campsite with his Colt 45 drawn, completely pale white and looking absolutely petrified.

He yelled at me an Ron to run, its coming for us! Me and Ron were still trying to comprehend what was happening. But what I saw next will haunt me till the day I die.

There, walking up to the edge of the campsite on all fours being alluminated by the dwindling light of the campfire, was a giant hulking beast. It literally looked like a grizzly bear on steroids. Dark brown fir, extremely muscular body, glowing red eyes,  and large curled horns on top of its head. The beast began to growl and bare it's teeth at us. Then stood on its back legs, easily towering over us at 8 to 9 feet tall. The intense stand off was then broken by rapid gun shots by Ron with his AR-10 308, me and Jake snapped out of our paralyzing trance and joined Ron in the fight with our guns. I don't know how many times all of us hit the beast.

But it let out an agonizing pain filled roar and dropped onto its stomach.

The beast was not dead, it was still alive and growling but momentary paralyzed, we had pummeled it hard enough with our bullets to buy Me, Ron and Jake enough time to sprint like hell out of there back in the direction we came.

After about a few minutes of sprinting we could hear not far behind us huge crashing foot steps and thick branches breaking.... How neither one of us guys didn't trip and fall while trying to navigate our way through the dark Appalachian mountain forest while sprinting and being chased by some giant bear beast. I don't know, but it's an absolute miracle. Eventually we made it back to my SUV and thank God I had my keys in my pocket.

All three of us completely out of breath scrambled inside as I started up the SUV, while the beast was right behind us, I threw it and drive stepped on the gas pedal as we sped out of there, a few miles down the road I had to slow down and puke out the window from running so much. The car ride back home was completely silent. It wasn't till the next day all three of us spoke to each other about that terrifying event.

Jake said he woke up later that night with the urge to pee really bad. He got out of his tent and walked away from the campsite to relieve himself.

He said he heard loud crashing footsteps coming toward him and the campsite, he drew his Colt 45 and soon was face to face with the bear beast, that's when me and Ron heard Jake screaming and firing his gun... And well, you know already heard the rest... None of us went back to that spot to retrieve the rest of our belongings and im sure what we had left behind was torn to shreds anyway by that beast we fought against.

So my advice to those who live in or near the Appalachian Mountains.  Stay out of there at night... There are strange / terrifying things undiscovered to mankind that live within those mountains.
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