I live with my brother while attending a 8 year community collage. I walk home from college but get driven to college in the mornings because, my brother works night shift at a veterinarian clinic as a guard. I skipped 9th and 12th grade due to summer school credit classes.  Now on to the story. December 12, 2018 i was walking home from collage around 7;40 it was finals week and the last day of fall semester. It started snowing around 5 am so the ground was covered in white snow. I took my usual route by the bayou and trough the woods for 1/2 of a mile to get home.

Sun was starting to set while i was listening to music on my playlist. I start heading twords the woods like i usaly do when i notice this man chasing me with looked like a knife.

He was one pf the crazy guys from the homeless shelter who usaly hangs out here but dosent give me any problems. I start sprinting twords the woods to lose the guy. As i get about 1/8th of my way in to the woods i hear this low growling sound. I gust think its a coyote so i brush it off.

It starts to get closer and I realize how much it sounds like a wolf. I stop and try to stand my ground because running from a wolf is a pretty bad idea. I hear something behind me as well and i start to freak out a pack of wolves just my luck. The thing emerges from the woods and lets out a deep bone chilling howel. The thing looked like something out of a movie 7-8 feet tall dark black fur covering its body icy blue eyes  human like arms and torso but wolf like legs and head. My mind starts raceing as to what this creature is and what dose it want.

The creature got on all fours and lunged out. Not at me but  at the bushes . Another werewolf/ dogman Came out and attacked the thing.

I was fascinated at the creatures but also scared. ( i am very into legends of werewolves/ dogmen and i know that they are very teratorial but i did not belive in werewolves at the time )I was pushed to the ground while my eyes were glued to the creatures .

As I noticed that they were distracted i tried to make an escape. Plan failed. I was hit by something agin but this time i passed out. I woke up to a lady running and shouting are you ok. I was coverd in blood and dirt, my clothes were ripped and my back was hurting really bad. The woman helped me up and helped me walk to ner car.

As we were driving to the hospital I also noticed that my arm was throbbing aswelll. When we got to the hospital i was tooken to a room and had the giant claw mark on my back disinfected and stitched up and x-rayed my entire body. Luckily it was only my right arm that was broken. So i got it casted and the hospital called my brother. I got discharged and wint home with only minor ingroys.

this happen a year and 5 months ago. Im ok and i dont walk that way after dark. I have moved to the us this summer resumed my college . I still take walks at night knowing that werewolves / dogmen are out there. I know that them attacking people is rare i have never seen one sence. I am studing a major in counciling and cryptology stay safe and follow your gut.
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