I'm here typing this because this story happened just 3 days ago. Now, I've seen many animals I haven't recognized and sometimes i put them in the category of "Unknown Creatures". This one, no creature I've ever seen, must be a Bigfoot.

  Not to long ago, I was in my room with my cat, Tigerstripe. I've recently gotten her and named her that because of the tiger stripes on her fur. She's a really chill cat. She probably even has the personality of a dog!

  Anyways, I was in my room reading a book and randomly lifting my head up to look out the window. Tigerstripe was on the floor licking herself vigorously. The place was quiet. Always quiet. I'm that type of person who really doesn't like very loud noises. I'm glad Tigerstripe doesn't make much noise. The only time she does is when she's hungry or doing some other things.

  Getting a bit bored, I decided to get off my bed and go into my backyard to sit there and just get the fresh air in m nose. As usual, Tigerstripe follows me, she always does, which makes me sometimes wonder what she do if I wasn't around.

  Down the stairs and into the backyard.  The place was warm, the type of warm I could stand. I instantly rest myself on the chair I have on my backyard porch. Tigerstripe flies past me and starts running around as if she's never been outside forever. I smile. She's the best.

  The only things I hear is the sound of vehicles speeding past, the occasional sound of scampering little animals trying to flee from my cat, and my breathing. It was the afternoon going to the evening. I was supposed to have my friend over but due to some problems in her family, she wasn't able to come and join me.

  My eyes start to feel heavy. Don't know why because I had just slept not long before. I start a battle between falling asleep and staying awake. It was hard, because I didn't want to fall asleep while Tigerstripe was out and about running all over the place. What if someone or something comes and takes her away? What if she tries to wake me up, but i don't respond?

  Even though I tried to fight back the sleepiness, it won. And I was out like a light.

  I don't even think it was long before I feel paws on my face.

  Tigerstripe. I instantly remember and shot up.

  It seemed that she was looking relieved that I had woken up. But I wasn't relieved. Next thing I known Tigerstripe starts meowing frantically and hissing to her right.

  I've never heard her hiss like that before. Well, I have heard her hiss, but not in this manner. All her fur shooting up as if it was going to fly up in all sorts of directions. Teeth fully exposed, I even saw a trickle of drool drip down her mouth as she had the most demonic glare I've ever seen. Something must be wrong.

  Tigerstripe, even though she first arrived in my house just 4 weeks ago, had a history of warning me when danger is close. Maybe this is one of them.

  Go! Follow her! Something in me tells me.

  And so I did.

  Tigerstripe soon leads me to the right side of my fence, frantically looking back at me then back in that direction, as if to tell me, "You see that!? It's right there! Right there!"

  I don't see anything. I know for a fact cats can see better than people. But I stay as Tigerstripe starts to hiss loudly again.

  Then I saw it.

  This thing, whatever i was looking at, was at least 7 feet tall. I am a pretty short person, and I'm trying to fix my height, like that's ever going to happen.

  My mind automatically said "Bigfoot" as it matched what a bigfoot looked like. Tall, hairy, huge, and all that other stuff.

  It stared down at my cat, don't know if its glaring at her or just taking a look at her because of its hair covering its face. Then it looked up to me. No, it did not have the cliche glowing eyes people would describe on unknown creatures. It was making this huffing sound, as if it had just ran 10 miles.

  Then I remembered I had my shotgun upstairs in my room. Too bad I forgot it.

  But at least the Bigfoot started to slowly walk farther away from where me and Tigerstripe were. As it vanished, Tigerstripe began to calm down and walk back into my house quietly. I did the same, me, now following her and her not following me.

  That night, I thought about all the situations that could've happened there. Maybe the bigfoot was just there not to bother anyone. Maybe it was hungry, and it set its eyes upon my cat to feast upon her, or on me.

  But I am really thankful it did not attack. Who knows what would've happened if it did? 

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