I have been working as a security guard for the past 3 years and I am prior military, so I have had extensive training and most things do not scare or upset me, but this place, this place, makes me emotionally drained, even after two years of not working at this place. The names I will be using are not the actual names of the residents or workers, and I will not be disclosing this place.

So, let’s get into it.

I work for a company that sends security guards out to different locations around Philadelphia. The post I was stationed at was on the outskirts of Center City Philadelphia at a multi-care living facility, basically an upscale nursing home. This building was built back in 1865 and used to house sick children and elderly until it closed its doors to children back in the 1930’s. My main job was to keep all the residents in and safe, and keep everyone else out. Now, I worked the graveyard shift, 12AM-8AM, but that doesn’t mean stuff didn’t happen. The security desk sat at a corridor linking the old building to the renovated portion. In this building, there is no WiFi and there is no cell reception except if you go outside. The building sits on about 3 acres of land in the wooded parts of the city. Now, since I was the overnight guard, I would arrive 30 minutes early to work each night to relieve my superior and get any pass down information before he was to go home. For each shift, you needed a set of keys, a flashlight, and the security cell phone that you used to scan QR codes around the building to ensure the company that rounds were being done, and being done effectively.

The story I am going to tell happened during the second week of November 2017.

Like I said earlier what my job position entailed, I was also there to supervise renovations being done to the older parts of the building.

Monday- Nothing much to write about, did my rounds every hour, kept teenagers and dope heads off the premises and went home at 8AM.

Tuesday- again, another boring night, I decided to bring a book tonight. I mean, it’s not like I can watch YouTube videos or look through social media, so I guess a good book is the next best thing, even though I hate reading. Did my hourly rounds, answered the phones when they rang, and did some cleaning around my new desk.

Wednesday- I got to work around 11:30PM and got all my equipment needed for the shift, and my supervisor told me that the renovation team would be working in the hallway behind the desk, so if it got too loud, I could I go the old security room, but that I would still have to do my hourly rounds. Pretty quiet night all around, besides the construction being done, but the other room was quiet, so that was better than nothing. So around 3AM, I left my book sitting on my desk in the old security room and went on my 3rd round for the night, walked past the crew and made sure they were doing okay. I walked the whole inside of this massive building, hallway after hallway, empty room after empty room. I started to walk back towards the construction when I heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the far back of the assisted living side of building. “Now I know I was just back there, and I know there wasn’t anyone there.” I thought to myself, so I turned back around and checked the hallway. I slowly walked back down the darkened hallway, and I turned the corner and almost shit myself when I bumped headfirst into the custodian on for the night. “Jesus Marcus!” I yelled. “Where the hell did you come from? I was just down here and didn’t even see anyone.” “Haha, sorry about that.” He said. “I was finishing up in one of the showrooms getting it ready for tomorrow, and was getting ready to head out for the night.” So, we both said goodnight and parted ways. Now, I probably shouldn’t have been so startled, but working nights shifts for a while in a supposedly “haunted” building, the stories will get to you. So, I worked my way down my room, grabbed my keys and unlocked the door. “What the f*ck!” I screamed out loud, my book was laying in the far corner of the room, open. I went over to pick it up realized that a page was missing from it. Laying on the top of the desk was page 166, ripped from the book that had one word on it. RUN. “How did? Who did? What did? How did this even happen? I’m the only one that has a key to this room.” I thought to myself. I didn’t even bother to ask the crew if they did it out of some joke, because if they didn’t, then who did this?

Thursday- I came in an hour early that night so my boss could leave early to be there to tuck his kids in before they left for vacation the next day. He told me to keep my ears open for the phones to ring, it was a full moon and they always ring off the hook when that time comes around. Now, just a quick note, one phone was for strictly outside calls, and the other phone was for any residents, coordinators, or anyone else calling from inside the building. Around 12:30AM, a call came from the outside phone letting me know that the crew chief for the renovations was sick and him and his crew would not be coming in that night. I said thank you for letting me know, and we hung up. Then around 10 minutes before I was going to go on my first round, a call came in from the inside line, Room 573 East Building. On the other end of the line I could hear a tv playing and some scattered movements. This isn’t unusual because a lot of the residents live by themselves, some have dementia or Alzheimer’s and will just call to hear somebody's voice. So, I simply said “Judy, we have to keep the lines open in case anyone needs anything important, so if you’re okay, please hang up the phone and have a good night.” The line clicked off on the other end, and I hung up my end. Nice lady, but very lonely. Once the call ended, I went on my first round and finished up around 1:30AM and went back to my desk. I started reading my book again, yeah, the one with the missing page, and waited until I had to start my next round around 2:15AM. At 2:10AM, I get another call from the inside phone and I think “great, another person who just wants to talk about their cats at 2AM,” but the caller ID came from the Post Office room. “That, that isn’t possible, that place hasn’t been used since the 50’s.” I thought anxiously to myself. The Post Office room is way down in the 3rd basement of the building, that place has been locked up since the new room opened up across the hall from me upstairs. I answered the phone, “hello” in an unsure and anxious tone. On the other end of the line, I can hear heavy shuffling and a slight whimpering sound. It almost sounded like if you’ve ever heard a dog whimper after being hurt, but more distant. So, because I am worried that someone may have gotten down there and hurt themselves, I grabbed all my equipment and raced down to the old steel staircase leading to the 3 basements. Once I hit the top of the 3rd flight of steps, I immediately felt my hand push through something dense on the handrail and my boots slip through something that didn’t feel wet, but that was not sturdy. I flicked on my flashlight and pointed it down towards my boots to see a thick layer of dust covering the steps, and ever so slightly, I can see a set of medium sized footprints leading down the remainder of the stairs up to the doorway of the only room in the 3rd basement, the Post Office room. I fumble around on my keyring to find the correct key, an old, copper, heavy key was the one that fit the slot. “It’s still locked; how could anyone be inside?” I thought to myself. I unlock the door, flashlight trembling in my hand, and step inside to find nothing but three cement walls and one cement wall with an old wooden door. But then, something catches my eye. Through the security glass on the door, I can see what looks like a strobe light, going in and out, in and out. I slowly inch closer to the door, hands shaking, and I open it. Inside is an executive desk, one filing cabinet, one old, dusty torn leather chair, and, and a pull string light bulb hanging from a long silver chain in the middle of the room SWINGING, SWINGING! back and forth wildly. The bulb was shining so bright that it looked like it may burst at any moment. I search the room for any sign of where the call may have come from, but nothing. The only phone I found was a gross, green colored rotary phone in the bottom drawer of the desk, not attached to any outlets around the room. In fact, there were no outlets or ethernet cable outlets around the room at all. After I closed the drawer; I turn around to turn off the light. Still swinging, I reach for the light, and when my hand is mere inches from the light, IT STOPS DEAD. IT STOPPED DEAD! Then, a woman’s scream echoes through the room, and the bulb burns out. As the room slowly becomes dimmer, a shadow steps past the security window on the door. I quickly run towards the door and swing it open. A little boys laugh can be heard when I enter back in the other room, but still, just emptiness. I ran quickly back up the 3 flights of stairs and ran into the bathroom where I fell to my knees and sobbed. “What was going on?” “What is going on in this place?” “Why me?” “Why not one of the other guards?” Thoughts racing through my head. The rest of the shift, I sat behind the desk, not speaking a word, not answering any phone calls, and then leaving at 8AM.

I am exhausted. Physically and emotionally drained. But I know I can’t just leave and not come back, so I push through another night. This night, no calls come through and the renovation crew isn’t coming back in, so at least I’ll have a quiet night. Around 3AM, I go for my round and I take the back hallway and head down to the first basement. I make my way down the hallway and I get an alert on the security cellphone that there has been movement in the back courtyard. I acknowledge the alert and make my way to the courtyard. Walking down the darkened hallway, I can see that the security lights in the courtyard have been triggered, and there’s a figure standing just enough out of the range of the lights that I can see its figure, but not any discerning features. The figure stood about six and a half feet tall, it was wearing what looked like a long trench coat that stretched to the ground, and it had a fedora looking hat on. I walked closer to the window, and it looked as if it saw me, but its not possible, there were no lights on where I was standing. So, I walked back forth down the hallway, and its head followed my every step. IT saw me. IT SAW ME. And it knew I saw it. It slowly raised a black hand up and waved. When I didn’t wave back, it put its hand back down and with its other hand, it pulled a katana from behind itself. If you don’t know, a katana is a Japanese style sword. It glistened off the light of the security lights and it pointed it at me. At this point, I walked towards the door, opened it, and stepped outside with this thing. With one hand I pulled my Glock from its holster on my waistband and aimed it at this thing. With my other hand, I reached for my cell phone and called the police. I explained to them what I am looking at and that they should get here soon. Within 10 minutes, 2 squad cars pulled up and 4 officers got out, guns drawn at this thing. The officers ordered it to drop the weapon and get onto the ground, and it did. It laid the sword on the ground slowly and as it dropped to its knees, it laughed. I mean if f*cking LAUGHED! It laughed the deepest and raspiest laugh I’ve ever heard; no human should be able to sound like that. The police put it in handcuffs and put it in the squad car. The police then came over to me and asked for a statement. I asked if they had any idea who or what that was. They didn’t know. The next day I would come to find out that this thing was a 55-year-old man who had been caught on security footage at an apartment complex attempting to lure kids out of their houses and into his car.

“I swear to God, if something happens tonight, I am walking out of this building. 4AM, the power goes out due to a heavy ice storm that blew through all of Philadelphia. So, here I am on my 4th round of the night and I get an alert on my security cellphone that movement was detected in the church. Wonderful. The church is on the other side of the building in the old part and I have to go the whole way over with only a flashlight. I make my way down the hallway leading to the church as soon as I reach the entrance to it, a gust of cold air brushes past me and I immediately begin to feel upset, like I could burst into tears at any moment. I step into the church, shining my flashlight all around, looking for anything that could’ve set off the alarms. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I turn to walk out of the church, when something catches my eye. Above me in the balcony seating area, I can see this hairy thing staring back at me. This thing is so tall that its head almost reaches the 7-foot ceiling. The sight of it almost made me vomit. Its shoulders were as wide as a SMART car, building muscles, long hanging muscular arms that hung down past its knees, and, oh god, its legs, they looked like they were goat’s legs, dark grey hair with hooves at the base. With my flashlight shaking, I slowly raised it towards its face. My God, its face. The light hadn’t even reached its eyes and they were glowing yellow and you could see drool dripping from its fanged face. Its skin looked dark brown, almost charred and its ears pointed up at an angle, and the most terrifying part, atop its head were two mangled, red, goat’s horns that curled at every angle. I dropped to my knees when the flashlight met its face, I felt as if someone has shot me in the chest. I couldn’t even breathe looking at this thing but I couldn’t look away. I prayed in my head. “May God save me and take this thing away!” My eyes still met with its, its snarled teeth turned into a smile, and I heard a low growling voice say, “There is no God here.” I passed out, falling face first onto the floor in-front of me. I awoke about 2 hours later with an inch gash on my right wrist and a 2 inch gash in the middle of my chest.

I gave the company my resignation letter that morning and never returned.

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