Let me tell you an experience my siblings and dad had in 2011. I happened to be asleep the entire time that it happened. 

Well to begin the story, my mom went on a women’s retreat with the church so my dad had to take care of us. They been divorced for about 6 years already. Anyways, it was around 10 pm when I was sleepy, but everyone stayed up watching a movie. I went into the room and fell asleep.

Around 1 am, they were still up, watching a different movie I believe, when they started hearing whispering that seemed to happen around them. After a few seconds it stopped. They continued watching the movie when they felt the house shake and our neighbor’s dogs barking. Like the whispering, It lasted for a short period. A couple minutes passed and they heard a pot fall. They checked in the kitchen and it nothing was out of order. They heard another pot fall, but this time on the roof.

My dad somehow got my oldest brother onto the roof and he wasn’t able to see a pot up there. Our neighbor went into her backyard and saw my oldest brother on the roof. She asked “What happened? I heard a pot crashing on the floor.” And he told her that they heard something on the roof but couldn’t find anything. After our neighbor went inside, my brother got down with the help of our dad and they went back inside. They somehow managed fall asleep and they told me what happened the next day.

It’s one of several paranormal experiences our family had witness that they wouldn’t be able to forget.

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