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I live in central Alberta and the   apartment I live in is known by many including previous landlords to be very haunted, iv been here for almost 3 years and the only deaths in my building were all on the 4th floor, the first one was a drug OD  the first spring back in 2018, the second was an elderly man I grew fond of , he passed away back in Feburary due to being ill from the condition of his apartment and finally the senior in 408 roughly 2 weeks ago.. no one knew he lived there ..not even the landlord , he was so sick all the time he never left his place. 

He had been desceased for a few days before his body was discovered and the only reason it was found before summer was because another cold spell hit so the landlord had to turn up the heat in the building. The AC was keeping the decomposing smell contained to his apartment 
The police, medics, fire dept etc came and left in a matter for hours , of course an investigation had to be done before the body could be removed. It was a sad moment for sure but we all got on with life as this had become the norm here. 

Since the man in 408 had passed weird stuff started happening ...and I mean more than usual. . . My friend on the 4th floor is friends with 408's neighbour who recently got a girlfriend and she kept mentioning that she was scared to sleep over as she had an uneasy feeling but since her man was in rehab Monday - Friday she said she had no choice but to suck it up and keep an eye on the place. 
Theres only 4 floors in these 3 apartment buildings which is one big complex owned by the same company.

The elevator started having issues on the 4th floor , you can go up to the 4th floor but going back down is tricky.. you literally have to wait for some on either on the main, second or 3rd floor to hit the elevator button before it goes back down , the few times I did it after the man passed I would tend to be stuck in the elevator for anywhere between 3-9 minutes before the door would open to let me out ,  the odd time the elevator has actually gone down after some one has gotten off after being stuck for a few minutes. . .but it gets stranger...

Multiple people including my self in the past week have noticed things such as brooms , pictures etc being knocked over multiple times.. the first night I happened I assumed it was one of my cats who was famous for climbing onto the shelves in the laundry room and knocking things over so I scolded her and put her in the kennel after the 4th time things fell off the shelf.

After doing so I turned in for the night, both cats were with me in my room when it happened again... This time it was only my daughter's pool noodle and the broom ...

Now I knew something was up.. I tried to dismiss it as the building shifting or something logical so I could get some sleep but after returning to bed I couldnt shake the feeling I was being watched ...

The feeling was so strong that every time I looked into the hallway I expected to see some one standing in my door way staring at me ..but never did. The next morning I went up to my friends for coffee and breakfast and she was explaining that her freezer door kept opening and things like the frozen bag of peas or her stash of chocolate bars would fall out and hit the floor, the she paused, turned to me and asked " by the way... Why were you sneaking around my apartment so late at night?" ..

I was dumb founded , I had been in bed all night .. " what do you mean ?" I asked her, my friend Ange didn't look impressed, " DUDE! I'm not in the mood to joke around Rearea  I freaking watched you walk past my door and down the hall! I mean It was dark but the light from the tv was just bright enough that I could make out a figure! And it was talk like you , all in black like you dress and just in general had your body shape ..even your slouch .." she said sounding very tired and very annoyed with me, I assured her that I was too busy being the chicken I am and hiding in my bed all night...Ange looked horrified .. " but..I swear it looked just like you..." She mumbled. . .

Not much has happened since that night a week ago other than a few things here and a few things there but im still too scared to fall asleep at night with ease ...
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Joshua Lino ZiCo
Im very experienced with demonology, christianity, necromancy, witchcraft, and the dark arts, and i must say your case is very unorthodox. What your most likely dealing with is one of five things:
a. A shapeshifting demon such as a fallen angel, or nephilim who is using your bodies form to move around unsuspectedly
b. You were sleepwalking 
c. You were demon possesed.
d. a demonic spirit has possessed the 4th floor which is not uncommon at all.
e. Meer coincidence.

In any case you should call in a priest of the catholic church, preferably at least a semi-experienced one. If you must, call in a medium, and if you are DESPERATE, call in a wiccan. 
Love is the most amazing thing in the universe. It has the power to create, build, bond, and destroy everything around it in the snap of a finger. 
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