This story was something I overheard my mother telling one of her paranormal friends about her dad, my grandfather, way before he met my grandmother. **NOTE: My mother is into a lot of paranormal stuff, she even was in a couple of ghost hunting groups, back when I was a young kid. I don't really care if you choose to believe this or not and I can't confirm this story any more, since my grandfather passed away a year ago because of that, a lot of details will be absent from this story and I am sorry for that.** Anyway, here we go...

One night, my grandfather decided to go to a bar and have a few drinks, my mother never specified if he was alone or not, but for the sake of this story I'm going to guess he was. Well, he was at this bar for awhile, drinking and doing whatever else a man in his mid-life would do. Sometime in the night, a woman of amazing beauty approached my grandfather, and they began to talk. Now, in this part of the story, I remember my mother describing that my grandfather had a safe, and almost relaxing feeling from this woman. Like, he knew that she wasn't going to hurt him and she had good intentions on approaching him.
The whole night, they talked and bonded over literally anything they could think of. Seeing as it was going pretty well, my grandfather began to flirt with this woman and he was met with some intense flirtation from the lady as well. After a short time, they decided to go back to my grandfather's place and "hook up", I'll spare you the details on that, but after they were finished the woman requested to be dropped off at an address that was just outside of town. Where were they? I don't know, but seeing as the story doesn't take place long before he met my grandmother, they were somewhere in Oklahoma.
The last thing my grandfather did was drop this gorgeous lady off at the address to a well lit up house, that looked like it was occupied by caring owners. He kissed her goodbye and drove off, but not before making sure she made it in the house safe. The next day, my grandfather just couldn't get enough of this woman and decided to drive back to the house he had dropped her off at. Only, the thing was, when he arrived, The house was broken down and abandoned. He decided to ask one of the neighbors what happened to the house.
Seeing an older lady who was watering her garden, he walked up to her and questioned her about the house across the street. The lady told my grandfather that the house had been abandoned for years, but as soon as my grandfather heard that, he started to describe the dimly-lit house that he had seen just last night. The old woman just shrugged and repeated what she had said. Apparently, before my grandfather died, he swore up and down, to my mother, that this really happened to him and that he could still remember that feeling that the mysterious woman gave him when they first and finally met.
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