This did happen to me and I can assure you that if was real. To tell you how it started was back when I was a little kid. I didn’t always get sick but whenever I did. He would always be there. I never say him till now but back then whenever I got sick I sweated a lot when in bed so that was when I feel a cool air incircle my body as it helps me. So by the next day I am all better. It was really odd though I didn’t mind it. Till now this went on. This one night when I lay in bed I feel my head spin like crazy and for a split moment I thought I had the virus everyone was so worried about. But no. Right when I open my eyes I see him. Hovering over me with his large wings curling and creating that cool air that circles me. It felt nice. But I then see the halo as it didn’t glow to bright but was also a distraction from seeing his face. I knew it was a male because of the voice I barely remember. He said “You Will Be Alright.” ever so softly before I quickly sit up after closing my eyes for a moment. My dizziness was gone and I didn’t feel like throwing up. Whoever he is I am glade he is with me. But I also wonder why he always comes by whenever I am sick. Do I matter that much. I just hope to see him again. And ask him that question. Or to see if he plans on harming me the next time I am sick.
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