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I was fourteen, my mum and I lived in a typical council estate flat in West London, it was Saturday morning at around 2.30am and we were about to go to bed after a night of watching television, mum turned off the television (important to remember later) and went into her bedroom to put something away, I was lying on the sofa with my kitten Katy, but wide awake, I sat up to get ready to get in my wheelchair to go  to bed, suddenly it was like static in the air but there was no noise nothing but silence, at this point I was totally alone in the living room as Katy had wondered out to the hall, I just happened to glance at the television and I saw it was glowing with a beautiful white light and in the centre of the television a really ancient old woman was staring directly at me, her face ran with lines, her hair was long and straight and eyes were filled with so.much goodness and wisdom, it was as if she saw right into my soul and I was bathed with a strong kind of tranquility and calmness I hadn't felt before. This is not to say that I wasn't surprised by the event, I called out to mum twice, as suddenly as she came the beautiful pure light disappeared along with the ancient wise woman there was static once more and the screen was black again. My mum came out her room a few seconds later not even hearing me seconds before or noticing my alarm until I told her what I've just told you. Mum has always been slightly sceptical where the unexplained is concerned but we come from a family of healers and she has had her fair share of unexplained events in her own life so it didn't really phase or surprise her too much. Through all this I didn't once feel threatened or menaced by the vision of the wise woman and I have always remembered her with curiosity and interest, in fact I have sometimes wished she would come to visit me again.
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