I don't know where to start, except that I've had paranormal experiences all my life.
The paranormal is pretty much accepted in my community, and those of us who have a gift normally have it from a young age and are forewarned about our gifts usually by a grandparent or other elder family member.

I remember sat outside in a gloriously sunny day in Scotland with my great grandfather who was a man of few words. (I was around 5)
When he suddenly told me to listen carefully to what he had to say, he said, "Growing up you will see, feel and hear things, animals and people that others can't, some of it will be scary and others just downright strange, but never be afraid and don't question it, you have a talent few understand, you'll understand when you're older and your long gone family will see you, ok?"
"You'll know what I mean when it happens and when you're a man.... now let's get back and have some food."

I had a few incidents happen since then but one really springs to mind.
My Great grandfather had passed that winter but his words from that day are tattooed in my memory.
It was the following Summer and I was roaming the countryside (in our culture you went out in the morning to play and didnt come back untill tea time & it was rural/remote Scotland in the 70s)
I went for an adventure by the RAF base and ultimately got lost, partly through daydreaming and partly through my interest in nature.

I was in a wooded area a part I didn't recognize, I was really scared but after some searching I came to a clearing, with long grass, there was a lovely summers day feeling so I stopped for a moment, I remember it clearly the dappled sun the hum of insects etc.
Then the silence was broken by a voice from behind me, "Are you lost young man"
I turn and see a man in a grey pilots uniform (R.A.F)

I wasn't scared. I felt what we would call good vibes from him and answered, "Yes."
"I'll show you the way home."
He led me through the woods, always staying a bit in front and beckoning me.
He finally lead to a field of wheat which we would have to walk through to get to the road.
On the way he talked about how he missed his family and would one day hope to see his kids, in hindsight, a strange comment considering things to come.

I suddenly noticed he wasn't making a trail through the wheat he just laughed and said, "If you keep going there's a break in the hedge a small man like you could get through."
A buzzard or hawk made that noise overhead and he pointed at it, I watched for a second or two and when my eyes came down the man in the R.A.F uniform was gone and there was nowhere for him in the field for him to have hidden as I would have seen indentations in the wheat if he had lain down.
I didn't panic I just carried on as if it was nothing.

I got back and all the adults were at work, except my Grandmother so I told my tale but she dismissed it.
That night I was in bed and the adults were sat outside round the fire and I overheard my grandmother tell my story and others comment "Aye, its started." and my Grandmother saying, "He's the one with the gift."
I dozed off.

I've had many many more experiences throughout my life, some absolutely terrifying where I've literally battled for my life to places I'll never return or light ones where I should have died, but come out completely unscathed or to terrifying mediums and spiritualists who said I was a beacon for the paranormal and way to open.

I've had partners and friends who have experienced activity when I'm around I've even managed to photograph something (not an orb) leaving my flat via 3rd floor window and you can make out wings.
So there may be more to come as I've over 40 years of experiences to share - if anyone wants them that is...
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