By The sudanese guy

For some context I was around 8 years old at the time this happened. I am currently 15 and a Muslim male so I don't believe in glitches, but I can't explain what happened to me.

these 2 experiences confused me but aren't all that scary or creepy.

It was an average Monday I went to school and had an average day. Nothing memorable happened, I went through the average motion's of school, I went to class, we did some stuff, and I went home. The next day was writing something for a assignment and I asked for the date. My class mate told me it was Monday the 15th, I was confused so I asked some one else for the date.

They said the same thing. I went around asking the entire class and they all said the same thing. it was Monday the 15th. I was confused and was starting to get mad, I felt like an entire day of my life was gone to waste, like I spent 24 hours wasted. This is all that when through my mind that day.

Later that day when I was home I brought it up to my mom, and she thought it was Tuesday as well, but it wasn't. It was just an extra Monday. I went out side to our front lawn to walk around. I tried to climb 2 large tree's that where in a V shape but failed, I also saw in our neighbor's yard a large thicker tree, for some reason I felt like I was in a trance and I just stared at it. I think I just got bored and left, I called it a day after that.

The next day after school I went outside and looked at the tree's. what happened next leaves me baffled and confused to this day. The tree's switched places, I went inside and showed my parents. They said it has always been like that. I started to break down, this was to much for my young mind to handle. The next day I went out side, the tree's switched again! I told me parents again, but they brushed it off. I started to notice that they would just switch every other week or so.

I just ignored it and it didn't really care after that. After we moved I went to check out my old house for nostalgia's sake. and sure enough the trees switched.
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