I have three stories for you, both from sides good and bad, about my grandparents' somewhat paranormal-like experiences back from when I lived with them in Maryland. I lived, and still to this day, reside within a small town smack dab in the middle of two major metropolitan cities: Baltimore and DC. Our house never had any spiritual type hauntings within itself, but it didn't at all detach itself from the aspect of more than a few rather strange occurrences that went on during the course of my early preteen girl to now adult woman life. I'll start off with "the gift".

For a soft bit of context, I currently work two jobs in my now postpartum recovery period of the recent birthing of my daughter: One as a creative fiction writer and poet, which is my eight year full time gig, and a more recent one for a railroad company in Pennsylvania, of which I started back in October of 2018.

Around the time I was about eighteen, I had what seemed to be a pretty routine conversation with my grandmother in which, I admit, I rather cockily expressed to her my incredible adroitness of writing a book almost instantly I got the luminescence of an idea for a solid storyline, plot, characters, dimensions, etcetera, all as they came to me, but I could never once pen a single song or poem.

My grandma looked at me with her usual angelic smile and soft brown eyes before replying, "Someday you will, sweetheart."

I didn't think very much of it at all, right then and there.

Skip forward to about two years later, about a week or so after my grandmother's tragic passing of Xmas eve of 2017, and I was still through hell and back in the grieving process. I began to grow angry, remorseful, contentious, even suicidal to the point where nothing else even mattered, strictly for the sole purpose of being in the next life with my Nan once again.

I had been dealt with a rather extreme lack of motivation and sincerity in continuation of my works until one day, while at my mother's apartment, I just barely began to type something out on my phone at random. It wasn't until I went through the usual editing afterwards, and I finally realized what all I was doing, that it turned out to be that indeed of a poem.

The title in question of it was, "Life is Crazy", and it's one of the very first poems I ever managed to produce throughout my entire literary career.

For the purpose of brevity, I shall likely get into the more eerie parts of the story surrounding both my grandparents' passings at another time, but for now I'd like to thank you for taking the time to listen and Nan, if you're out there reading this as well, thank you so much for all you've done in my life. I miss you still every day.
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