Easter was my favorite ever since I was five or six years old but this happen on Easter and I won’t Forget it I was walking around the woods in the park while all of a sudden I saw a basket I picked it up and probably eight steps away with a brightly painted Easter egg I picked it up and put it in the basket Then I saw another and another that day I got 20 Easter eggs until I saw someone come out of the bush he was just in the sweetest Easter bunny suit I ever seen he handed me  two eggs that were brightly painted pink and green stripes he placed A hand on my cheek “good job now go home” that night I went to bed a little earlier button something woke me up under my door there was lights flashing I opened it in the hallway light was flashing I went down to the end of the hallway I saw something behind the couch that was facing the TV they were bigger and fluffier Easter eggs  I pick them up and they start to move
 Came was little fluffy bunnies but they had humanoid bodies and dark red eyes I thought of them ran out of the house as I ran a far away malicious laughter was echoing  until there was no more I went straight to the police told them everything and they couldn’t find anything 
 it was scary moral of the story is don’t talk to strangers or trust them because you don’t know Who or what they might be 
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