This is a true story; it happened to my family and it involved my first-born son, who was just a couple of months away from his eighth birthday. He was in second grade at the time. We were living in Tacoma, Washington at the time. I must admit that it forever changed my life, especially in my role as a mother. It’s been 25 years since this occurred, but it still haunts me to this day.


A little backstory to put these events into perspective. January of 1995 was a traumatic month for our family. My son, up to this point, had been walking to and from his bus stop. The stop was a block and a half away from our house. The walk was a small, hilly walk, down to in the morning and up in the afternoons.


My son was used to traversing the alleyway that ran between the back of the houses on our street and the back of the houses on the next street. We were so used to this that it had become commonplace and there was not a worry in the world as to our son’s safety until that fateful day in January of 1995.


As usual, our day had started out in the typical fashion; I arose at 6 AM in the morning to begin preparing our children for school. Our second oldest was the first to leave, because he was in special ed and had to be bused across the city to the west side of  Tacoma. Then our oldest son  left the house and as usual, we kissed goodbye and I watched as he walked through the small housing complex we lived in and out the gate and started down the alleyway.


Now my next oldest son, who was only 4 at the time, was ready to go off to preschool; while my youngest son, at the tender age of 3, was still at home with mommy. After I got son # 3 off to school, then it was a typical day for myself, my husband and our youngest. We lived in a small complex with 4 small houses, each one with a fenced yard and then another gate that enclosed the small complex.

At the time of this incident, my husband and I were managing the property for our landlord and so we had recently rented out the house next door to us. The tenant was a sweet little old black lady with a head full of gray hair and just as nice as can be. She would be a delight to live next to and key to what happened this particular afternoon. Now I’m not going to go into detail of my daily routine as that is all irrelevant. What happens next will start in the afternoon, at the usual time that I knew my oldest son would be coming home from school.


I was busy in the house tending to household chores when I heard a frantic knocking at my front door. I opened it and I saw through the screen door that it was my next-door neighbor; little miss black lady. I don’t remember her name now although I’ll never forget her heroic actions that day.


I asked her what was wrong, because she had a panicked look on her face, and she was yelling at me saying that someone was trying to kidnap my son. She had stepped outside and seen what was happening and ran to us. I screamed for my husband and we ran out the front door and to our horror, a man in a white sedan was trying to grab our son and pull him into the vehicle.


I was screaming and going ballistic while my husband started running towards the car screaming, “Get your fucking hands off my son; I’m gonna kill you.” And I was screaming, “Kill him hon.” We were both staring in horror while our son tried to get away; and then the man kept moving the car up a bit and opening his door to try and block Kris. At one point, he actually had his hand on our son’s arm and was about to pull him into the car when the neighbors heard the commotion and jumped into action.


At this point, our neighbors who lived across the alley and were drinking buddies of my husband, heard the commotion; and both of them (two brothers) leapt over their six foot fence, sprinted around the front of the perp’s car and the one brother (out of respect for their privacy I’m not giving their names) swept our son up into his arms and hurriedly brought him to me and said, “Here mom!”


In the meantime, the man just sat there stone silent in his car, not moving at all. I stared into his eyes and I can tell you one thing, I had never seen such dark, soulless eyes as I did when I stared into the man’s black eyes. I shivered because it was like I was looking into the very eyes of utter darkness; the devil himself. He actually sat there long enough that we were all able to get a complete physical description of the man, the vehicle and the license plate.


My neighbor lady called the police. Of course, before they arrived, the man finally sped off, throwing gravel and dirt up in the wake of his departure. I still shudder to this day to think what would have happened if my neighbors across the alley hadn’t of come to our defense. That perp would likely have gotten our son into the car and we would’ve never seen him again. One other thing that upset me is right before the man left, he pulled out a Polaroid camera and rapidly took a couple of shots of our son. That really creeped me out so freaking ass much.


The police arrived soon thereafter; or I should say one police officer, who looked like he couldn’t have been more than 25-26 years old; definitely late 20’s and at the time, I was only in my early 30’s, so not much younger than myself. He definitely looked as if he’d just come out of the police academy. My advice to all police; don’t send a rookie out to investigate child abduction cases or near abduction cases. That young officer eyed me skeptically and just said that I was just a ‘hysterical mom’. What the fuck? Of course, I’m going to be hysterical; someone just tried to abduct our son. I’m sorry but that should have been handled by a seasoned detective.


This scarred me for life; and for a long time (almost three years), I wouldn’t let our son out of my sight and made him hold my hand everywhere we went; and obviously I went to extremes to protect my other children as well. Of course, he grew to become irritated with my over protectiveness as I wouldn’t let him out of my sight. He was almost 10 ½ years old before he finally got out of the house and away from me and that was because of his dad. He’d finally been allowed to leave the house and ride his bike down to the corner store (at this time, we were no longer living at the house where this near abduction attempt occurred).


So, if you think that nothing bad can ever happen to you, please think again and take caution with your children; they are so precious. As I conclude this, our son is now 33 years old, happily married and is a successful auto mechanic with his own shop and business. We no longer live in Washington State but have moved to another state. God bless you all and take care; it is a dangerous world out there.

P.S. This is something I learned from John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted; and this was before this incident happened which is another reason why this has haunted me so much. Mr. Walsh says that once a child is abducted, it is in all likelihood that the child will be dead within a few hours; after the pervert has done whatever horrific acts to the child. This way the child cannot tell anyone what has happened. I had nightmares for months after this happened; scared that I’d lose my little boy and never see him again. He would vanish in my dreams. Take care everyone.

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