It was an mid-October Friday night. My Girlfriend and I came up with a binder of supposedly haunted areas around Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. This particular night we decided to go hunting. My younger brother had decided to tag along. We had stopped at a local haunted church. Yes were we creeped out due to the "demonic" story attached to the building. As my girlfriend flipped through the binder of haunts, she said " What about this haunted road? It's about 20 minutes away" I said "well we have a car that won't look suspicious if we drive slow and maybe use the spot light when we get therel." I drive an old Crown Victoria police car I figured noone would question a cop car. As we make our way to this road, my girlfriend read us the story. The story of Amy's Road is as follows. A young woman was taken down this road and brutally murdered by her boyfriend. Now its said that if you go down this road and flick your highbeam lights on and off 3 times, your windows will begin to fog and the word "HELP" will be writen in the fog.  There is no record of this story and must be a local legend. The 20 minute drive went quick and as we pulled on to Amy's Road, I realized that the road was very dimly lit. So i turned on my highbeams. Well as i turned them on a car came up the road and I needed to turn the beams down. As the car passed, I turned them on a 2nd time. As before another car had passed and I did the courteous thing and turned the beams down again. I didn't them back up again. About half a mile down the road, i could see graffiti writen "Go Back" and "AMY is Here". Well at this poin, we were all creeped out as the road now had no lights and the air felt heavy. I had again Turned my highbeams back and on to see the road. Not wanting to risk my car and lack of visibilty, I turned my car around but something odd was happening. The windows had begun to fog over from the outside, at the rear of my car. And we noticed an H beginning to form on the window behind me and across from my brother. I floored it out of there. we were scared as hell And when we pulled out on the main road the fogging had dissipated. I know we had seen it was a legend or myth but why in the hell after accidentally doing the ritual did my windows fog? We have no idea but it will be imprinted in my mind for a while.
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