So this story happened a few months ago, I never told anyone about this but it time to tell. one night when I was working my courtesy clerk at a grocery store. I not saying the name for a reason I was outside pushing carts around 8:30 pm,and this was in early December so the sunset at 5:00 pm, when I starting to get the carts to bring in I saw a man staring at me. I had a very bad vibe from this man so I was on edge. I would like to point I was 20 at this time and the man seemed to be way older than me and I’m also a girl anyway I started to rush to get all carts in but after the third row of carts I noticed the man I way closer than before he had been coming closer every time. I was starting to get really scared and that not normal for me. then he spoke “hey” , I didn’t listen. Then he spoke again “ why didn’t you answer me I’m talking to you “ . He ran to get even closer to me I ran for the store to get to safety. He didn’t come in I was relieved. I wish that was the end but when my shift finished I saw he at the other end of the parking lot looking at me.since that day I never saw him again I hope I never will.
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