I'll start off by saying that this story is not mine, but is my younger cousin's, who is currently seventeen. With her permission, I am sharing this with you now. And, since both she and her mother love scary stories as much as I do, I will keep this pretty anonymous, and I apologize ahead of time if I got anything wrong.

Anyway, this happened maybe 5-6 months ago. My cousin, we'll call her Kai, and her parents, live on a street that is relatively busy during the day on the edge of a neighborhood. They live in a tri-level house that is surrounded by similar house. It's not what you would call a rich house, but like a middle to upper middle class area.

Her parents were at work one afternoon, so Kai stayed home and watched tv with her two dogs. The living room, where she was at, faced out towards the street, and they have large windows with curtains that they always kept open when they sun was out.

It was on this quiet day where Kai noticed something outside the window.

One of her parent's large trucks were parked outside on the driveway, and she saw what looked like a man sneaking around the side of the truck up against their garage.

Both of Kai's dogs, two large German shepherds, started barking very deep and loud barks. The larger one, Zeus, ran over to the front door, while the other, Gia, was inside her kennel where she slept.

Kai pushed Zeus back with her leg as she opened the door.

The man came out from behind her parents' car, staring at her.
"Can I help you?" She asked, staring at this man, still struggling to keep Zeus back as he continued barking.

The man was about middle-aged, dressed casually, and was about average height and built. He stared at her, smiling, and said something in Spanish that roughly translated to, "Do you have any money?" And something along the lines of "my car is out of gas".

"No money," Kai responded in Spanish. "Please leave."

Zeus then pushed himself between Kai's legs and tried lunging at the man, but Kai managed to grab ahold of his collar to hold him back. The man, standing only about a couple yards away, was not phased. He stood there, staring at Zeus with his smile, as he barked more ferociously, and foamed at the mouth while trying to go after this man.

Now, Zeus is quite a large dog. A pure bred German shepherd that is about 100 pounds on the lean side. And Kai herself is about 5'6" and only about 100 pounds, so she struggled with keeping him held back.

This is known to be a bit lazy, sometimes barking if someone comes to the door, but is fine if it's someone he knows or if the family is home. Overall, he's a pretty sweet dog whose greatest enemy is maybe, stereotypically, the mail carrier. Kai told me that she had never seen Zeus like this before, and that in the pit of her stomach, this is what awoke the fear that had been absent until that moment.

Kai looked passed the man to the side of the road where she saw an older white car, and someone inside of it.

"Leave now, or I'll call the cops for trespassing." She demanded in Spanish, but remaining calm while doing so.

The man stared at her dog that she was struggling to hold back, then looked back at her with an eerie smile before saying something like "Have a nice day," before he turned around casually and left, driving away in this white car.

When she told us this story, she went on to say that she didn't end up calling the cops, and she wasn't sure why. But during the whole event, she didn't feel panic,  didn't feel scared, or anything like that. Her mind was just blank through it all, maybe with some confusion and bewilderment with how he had acted with Zeus.

Our grandma told her that she should have called the police, because they were more than likely scouting out a place to break in, due to noticing a pattern of who was home and who wasn't by which cars were in the driveway, and that they were probably seeing how hard it would have been to do so.

Kai agreed, and said that they reinstalled batteries in their house cameras after she told her parents.

Because of this event, both parents now have gun permits, and own a few just in case something like that happens again.

And whomever that guy was, I hope he's smart enough not to come around anymore, because even little Kai knows how to use a shotgun now.
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