So I was around 16 at the time fishing using a heavy duty line at my local lake using meat as bait. If I remember correctly  old lunch meat was what I was using as a friend of mine had told me catfish and bass could be hooked easier like that. 

I had been standing on the bank for a few hours having caught a few small fish up until around mid afternoon when all of a sudden I felt this big tug on my line and I start reeling it in not realizing what I was trying to land at first.

A few seconds later my heart almost stopped as I saw the water being violently shook as the gator around maybe 8ft long rolled trying to get off my line. I panicked and cut the line and as I was getting my gear and preparing to bolt I hear splashing and that gator was running up the bank after me. I left the bucket of the fish I caught along with the old lunch meat bait as I ran. 

Luckily it went back into the lake after I sprinted off because I wasn't looking forward to being gator food anytime soon.

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Darkness Prevails
Good story, I just wish it was fleshed out more. Thank you!
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