I was young, like second grade young. One of my mother's friends had come over and she brought her son, and he in turn brought one of his friends. They were both older; My mother's son his name is David if I remember right was probably mid to late teens, and his friend who we'll call John because I can't remember his name was probably preteens or so.

Now I should say that I used to live in a giant igloo, well my house was white and shaped like an igloo, set in the woods a bit. A parking space for roughly 5 cars to the right of the house near the garage which is connected to the basement the house was set into a steep hill, probably 45° or steeper I don't remember. And surrounding the house was woods.

It was dark probably 9pm or later and the we, David, John, and I, were bored so I had the idea, Hide and seek!

I put on a camo coat and a plastic army helmet, being obsessed with the army back then, and I thought it'd help me hide. Unfortunately I was it first. I was able to find John quickly, and with how I play hide and seek when you find people they have to help you look.

So me and John were trying to find David, we checked by the cars, out by my playset, by my dad's work shed. Nothing, then it got weird, John heard something in the woods, so we headed in. Me being brave like I thought a little soldier boy should be. We found the place I wanted to build a tree house. And there was a figure in the tree, we both assumed it was David so we yelled at it.

"We found you Dave! "

The figure moved to looks at us, but didn't seem to react beyond that. Again we yelled out to him.

"Come on Dave, come down we found you."

The figure seemed to stand in the tree. And just was we were about to shout out again, it spoke...

It spoke in a deep, gravely inhuman voice.

"Who's this Dave? That isn't my name"

We didn't by it, we confronted it.

"Knock it off David, we're ready to keep playing."

Again it asked who David was than it screeched in a weird growling noise. Me and John looked at each other screamed and ran off. Until we found ourselves under the back yard deck.

We waited for like 5 - 10 minutes.

Then we got out and grabbed some weapons. I had a hockey stick and John had a baseball bat, we didn't wanna be babies so we went back to the tree. The figure was gone...

We headed back around the house the opposite way and made our way to the cars where David was walking towards us with a confused concerned look on his face he asked us what took so long, and what the noise was.

We weren't buying that it wasn't him messing with us, at first.. But he swore over and over again that it wasn't him, and he heard the yelling, and was just as confused as us.

I'm now 24 and I accept it must have been him. But there's still a part of my mind that questions, what if he was telling the truth...
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