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Now I’m a big game hunter I’ve been all the way to Africa hunting whatever was in season. But one thing I do know what me and my cousin encountered that day in August 2018 was not a Grizzly bear.... it was Saturday August 17 2018 me and my cousin went out grizzly bear hunting in Alaska. We were there for 4 days before we found grizzly cub tracks but they were heading out of a zone we bot knew no cub or adult bear would ever leave. As we followed these tracks we started to emerge from the woods into a large open field with one single river running through it usually bears are there drinking or eating there all the time. Now I always carry 3 guns on me one 30-06 (thirty ought six in case you didn’t know) and two revolvers(colt .45). I do this just in case my gun jams You never wanna take chances especially with grizzly bears. But as we’re walk through this field we all of a sudden hear something crashing through the woods at rapid speeds heading straight in our direction. My first instinct was fire a shot but unfortunately for me my gun Jams right as this big hairy man looking thing thunders out of the woods still running in my cousins and I direction. My cousin was busy trying to pull ammo from his pack but fearing for my life I shot my revolver at it I hit it but it looked like it just got even more angry. So we took off running from this being. That creature followed us for what seemed like miles but was really only about 1 mile till we got to the boat and punched the engine to maximum power. We decided to never go back to that place again. So we can stay away from what we now believe was a Bigfoot 
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