This story is an amazing incident that has happened to me recently on a fishing trip in Washington State.

But first, let me establish a little bit about myself.

I used to live in the US. I grew up there actually. I went to school in Maine, and college also.
I’ve recently moved to the UK, and don’t get to come home much. But I got a phone call from my best friend Abigail.

I and Abbey have been friends since grade school and even went to college together.
After graduation, Abigail decided to travel the states, while I took a job in England.
Abbey never really had to worry much about money. So she decided to take some time off and explore the world for a few years.
Let me tell you a bit on Abigail. When she was young Abigail went missing for a few years, she came back pretty much the same. But there was always something ‘Extra’ about her.

Like she came back but was changed in subtle ways. Like her eyes, they were different somehow, more fire behind them. She loved the rain now, always had, but even more now.
Anyway, she called me up and asked if I had some time off soon. I told her I did, and she paid for me to come to America, and go on a road trip with her.

She had a perfect idea, fishing. We both LOVED to fish. It was something that we always did as kids, teens, and adults in college.

It was the rainy season, out west. Abbey told me it would be a great time for fishing. So she got me a ticket to Seattle.
We met up and went to a lake Northeast of Seattle; she apparently had found some of the best fishing in the area out there.
We to a lake named Spada. She pulled out her map and showed me what why she chose it. I couldn’t help but laugh. On the map, Spada looked like a humpback whale. She laughed at that also.

I asked her if she really chose this lake because of that. She laughed harder and said, “Yep, just because of that.”

It took about an hour of driving through the hills and mountains of Washington state to get there. Tired from my trip I dozed off in the pitter patter of the rains.
When I had awoken, it was at a small town fishing store to get supplies and rain gear.
The rain gear was for me.

Abbey NEVER wore anything protective in the rain, and actually wore less clothing the more it rained. She said it always made her feel good. Cooled her off.
I got some snacks and went to the Cabin she had purchased on the Eastern shore of the place.

That night it continued to rain, as it would for the next few days. Each day we would go out for a bit of fishing, and cooked what we had caught.
I had to admit to her that this was the BEST fishing trip I had ever been on. We caught fish I had never seen before and took many pictures for the memories.

It was great.

On the fourth day, Abbey had stepped out for a bit, she told me had to get some things in order on the other side of the lake, and would return in the hour.
She came back in a little under an hour and told me she was ready. She had a surprise for me.

“You know I’ve always been weird right?” She’d told me.
I told her, our whole lives you’ve been an odd one.
She laughed, and said, “Yep!” Yep was like her catchphrase.

“I’m going to show you something Kailey because you’re not like my sister and best friend. You are my sister and best friend.”
I told her okay. I also told her to stop acting weird for once.
We went out to the dock and got prepped in the boat. The rain was coming down exceedingly heavy. It was almost too much, and then you add in the fog. However, there was no wind and I felt comfortable with Abbey there.

We took the boat out to near the middle of the lake. We were just north of the “fin” of the humpback. She stood up and began to strip. I was cold, but even colder when she moved away from me.

I thought she was going to get her rod and start fishing. I could see so many fish around me. Then I saw something else. I thought it was a log, as it moved just underneath us. It was shadowy and vanished soon after.

“Abbey, there’s a log near the boat, we should move the boat just in case,” I told her.
“It’s fine, I’ll check it out real quick!” she said diving into the water.
“Abbey WAIT!” I yelled after her but it was too late, she had disappeared from my sight. I knew Abbey was a strong swimmer, and the boat wasn’t moving as there was no breeze. I was still worried, however.

Then the water started to bubble and a weird orange glow appeared, and the pit of my stomach dropped. I poked my head over the edge of the boat to see if I could see her.
The light was everywhere underneath me. Fish began to hop out of the water, as a huge shadow appeared. Then I heard laughing. It was Abigail.

I turned around and saw her pop out of the water and move across the lake rapidly. She was moving too fast to be swimming, and her arms weren’t moving. It was like she was holding onto something as it pulled her through the lake. Then she dropped her head into the water and vanished as I stood to look for her, the orange lights appeared again.

I didn’t know what to think. Was she in trouble? What was she holding onto? I grew worried about my friend, my sister. Then I saw her at the keel of the boat. She was rising out of the water, giggling and spitting water.

But she kept rising and rising. Was she standing on the water? No! She was standing on something in the water.
Then she entered the boat and knelt down in front of me.

Her eyes… they were glowing. Not like glowing from a light being shone on them. Glowing like the light was coming FROM them.

She took my shaking hands. I had seen that semi glow before, on sleepovers, camping trips, and at school. But not like this.

“Kailey, you’re my best friend and sister. I have protected you most of your life and will continue to do so now. You trust me don’t you?” She asked me.

“…yes..” I replied in the smallest voice I could muster. “But your eyes…” I began.

“Not only my eyes but all of me,” she said standing. As orange light could be seen through her brown skin, her very veins had light emanating from them. Then I realized I was no longer cold. I hadn’t been for a while now.

“I want you to meet someone; it’s a friend of mine. He’s very long lived but he’s just a baby now. He’s the reason the fishing has been so good. “She told me, before kneeling down again then knocking on the side of the boat.
“Look!” she told me.

I watched as the fog and water swirled about, and with her light, I could see fairly well. Then I saw it. Its eyes were looking right at me. They were large and black, the size of my hands peering into me. Fear took me then. I lost my voice, but I could feel Abbey’s hands on mine. Steadying me.

The creature moved towards the boat, it was massive as wide around as small fiat. It had a head fin, and fins near its ears. It never took its eyes off me. It was greenish brown on top. But then it began to rise from the water. It’s multi-colored belly plain to see.

It rose from the lake and looked down at me. Have you ever been so scared, that you almost shut down?

The only thing I could do was shed tears as it looked at me. Abbey held my hand firm.

The creature then lowered itself to me and came within inches of my face. I feel it’s breath on me, smell the fish from its most recent meal. It had catfish like feelers on its snout. Then it nuzzled me. Closing its eyes it touched my face as gently as possible, with its fins drooping like a puppy.

I don’t know what possessed me then, fear, stupidity, or curiosity. But I took its scaly head in my hands and nuzzled it back. I don’t know for how long we nuzzled. But the next thing I knew was that it was over.

Abbey sat me down as it retreated back into the lake, and me not taking my eyes off it, and it on me.
The fog returned, and my mind raced. The rains continued and my heart pounded. But the look on Abigail’s face said it all.

Abigail’s Lake Monster… Let’s meet again.
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