Sup peops? It's me again
Mr.citnehtua and boy do I
have a story for you guys. I never told anybody about it because I didn't want to admit I could've been a victim to some RIP off of humpty dumpty.

So this is a story about some old and chubby creepy middle aged man with gray hair and a pedophile like smile. Let's start off by calling him "Herbert" You know! Like that freak ol' perv off of Family Guy who talks like he swallowed a whistle that got stuck in his throat and is always trying to get Chris to mow his lawn and watch him take off his shirt? Yea! That weirdo! Anyhow let's rewind backwards to when I first met this freak. I mean some people say that I'm creepy and partially because I'm just different but this type of creepy I thought only existed in horror flix, because at this time I was only 17 and I lived in NJ living with my older cousin and her boyfriend. I remember my cousin leaving me to wash my clothes to get back to her beauty shop. Before she flew out of the door she left me with enough money to get back to work with her all day. "Do NOT use this money for FOOD! Got it?" she scolded me. I told her "Ok I got it", and she left. When all of my clothes were finished I waited for the bus and yea you guessed it! I was hungry. Though I didn't disobey my aunts orders unless I didn't want to keep my head. As I was still waiting for the bus I saw an 80's sedan car drive by and when I glanced inside there I discovered Herbert the double pervert. He smiled at me unpleasantly and I found it quite weird as he was staring a bit too directly as if he was staring DIRECTLY into my soul but of course I didn't think anything of it as it was the first time I'd laid eyes on this guy. The second time I saw him I was coming from another side of town nearby a family friends' location, although I'd been seeing him on multiple occasions all day speeding past me as I kept walking reassuring myself that it was nothing more than my imagination although I'm more than certain even to this day it was him who passed me by. Eventually I happen to stumble upon a bus stop. All the seats were missing so I had to stand and as I did I saw him again. Still with that same creepy ass old smile. Only this time he slowed down a little until he saw me tilting and breaking my neck to review his license plate number and that's when he sped enough to get out of sight but also enough to not become a potential police target. That smart bastard! But he NEVER looked my way as I reviewed his license plate number that read "A38-DMP". Afterwards I've never seen him or that CREEP-O-BILE of his again. It's like he and IT never existed or perhaps he was just awaiting the perfect time to strike. These days my family and I don't speak. Just family drama. Something I'm pretty sure most of you had to deal with. Alot of changes have been happening in my life and I can say I'm glad to be alive and well. If anybody is listening to this you'd better stay on guard if you have any LEGIT suspicions of anyone you know or don't know especially during Halloween and most importantly around your kids. Also look out for what they eat too alot of kids die from that on a yearly basis so don't be the one's to regret it either. I've got more stories that I want publish if this one makes it there anyway but until next time peops Happy Halloween see ya!
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