Wendigo attack

This happened to me back in August of 2018. A little back ground information my family owns a piece of property up in the mountains of Wyoming I won’t say where it is located for the sake of privacy, it is right next to a national forest. Now my family has been going up to the property for as long as I can remember we even finished building a small cabin right before this story takes place.

Now I have been hunting and been out in forests with my dad and brothers for as long as I have been able to handle a rifle, I am pretty comfortable in the woods and while we have on occasion come across predators such as mountain loins and bears after this encounter, I may never feel safe in the woods again. In Wyoming we get snow earlier in the year especially in the mountains, so we have to winterize the cabin so that the pipes don’t burst with the cold and we put up wood covers over the windows so that if they some how break the cabin will still be sealed. Now normally my dad and I go and do this but this year he was working a lot trying to make more money before the snow slowed him down till spring and my brothers were busy with their jobs, so my dad asked me to winterize the cab by myself.

I decided to make a weekend out of it since it was probably the last time, I would make it up there that year. So that Friday I packed my bags and I took two of our dogs with me, on was an Australian Shepherd and the other was a small poodle mix. The drive up there was uneventful but the closer I got to the cabin I did notice that there were little to no wildlife which is unusual this time of the year especially as the sun was setting and it was prime time for deer and other animals to be out and about.

When me and the dogs finally got to the cabin the sun was just slipping behind the horizon. Now where the cabin sits is on top of a large hill that looks out over a long valley and you can see the peeks of some mountains in the distance and the national forest is about a mile and a half south it really is a breath taking  view, that night however every thing just seemed a little off but I chocked it up to it being because I was up there by myself  for the first time. I grabbed my bags and went in to the cabin. Later that night probable around 2am or so I was woken by the strangest sound I have ever heard it was like the mix of a woman whaling and some kind of dog howling mixed with a gurgling at the end and it was loud. Now my little poodle mix is pretty much fearless he has a bad case of little man syndrome and was growling but my Australian Shepperd was wining in the corner of the room which was not normal for her she generally was very protective. The noise came and went for the next few hours but eventually I fell back to sleep

The next morning when I woke up I some how convinced myself that it had been some kind of weird dream that I had and I was determined no to let it  ruin the rest of my weekend but even so I grabbed my dad’s shotgun that I had brought just in case its never a bad idea to be armed where there are predators, and while it was late in the year there is a large population of rattlesnakes up in that area so I also had a hand gun with me. Now at the bottom of the valley there is a small creek that runs through our property and it had rained a lot that year so we actually had water which is unusual in Wyoming and it was only the second time that I can remember that we actually had water in it so I was really exited to spend the day there so I packed up the 4-wheeler and set off, one of the things that should have been red flag was that neither of the dogs wanted to go when they normally love exploring up there but I was young and dumb. When I reached the creek I spent the day chasing toads dipping my feet in the water when the sun started to set I decided it was time to head home on the way  back to the 4-wheeler I noticed that there was a smell of rotting flesh coming from a patch and so of course I decided to go check it out. What I saw was a large bull that looked like it had been torn to shreds by some kind of animal it thought maybe a bear did it. now I don’t know if you have ever seen a bull that is full grown before they are huge and that one had to have weigh close to a thousand pounds and if there was some predator that could to do that I wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could I practically ran to the 4-wheeler and booked it  back to the cabin.

Now the way that the cabin is set up is that it has a walk out basement that looks towards the mountains with sliding glass doors when I got back, I put the wood covers over all the downstairs doors and windows just to be safe and I turned the outside lights on. Then I ate a quick dinner and when to bed just wishing that it was morning so I could leave because between the bull and the screeching from last night I knew that what ever was out there was not a natural predator my grandpa who was a full blooded Cherokee used to tell me stories of the creatures that roamed the woods but I always chocked them up to him just trying to scare me but now I wasn’t so sure. I nodded off at some point only to be woken up by the same screeching as the night before but it was much closer it was so loud I thought that my ears were going to start bleeding like the night before the screeching would stop and start back up steadily getting closer I sat there in horror until one screech that sounded like I was right outside, oh my god I whispered and to my horror something whispered back in like an echo of my own words “oh my god” like I had just repeated myself but I but I had said nothing I was frozen in horror my little dog was growling for all he was worth and that’s when the I heard the sound metal being scratched slowly and deliberately towards the window because of the way the basement is the bedroom I was in was  at least 6 feet off the ground hence the reason that I hadn’t boarded it up yet I had thought that I was to high up for anything to get at  and that’s when the glass in the window shattered and the long bony ash white arm with long claws reached in followed by an identical arm and then the head of what looked like a deer but its skin was hanging off in stripes and then the smell hit me like rotting flesh and something else that made my eyes burn it is by far the worst smell I have ever smelled it slowly pulled its self in the window revealing a long skinny frame that was as skinny as the rest of it with its ribs poking against its skin when it was fully in it had to hunch its self over to fit in the room it had to be  at least 8 feet tall probably bigger “oh my god” it whispered again like it was mocking me I had left the lights on dim so I could see it plainly it  was truly horrifying the teeth on the deer were pointed like a cats that’s when I looked down towards its chest and I saw a second head this one was like a humans with no nose and it was so  sunk in you could see every bone it  had long pointed teeth where its mouth should have been with a black tongue that flicked in and out like it was tasting the air Its eyes were the worst part red and horrible.

We stood there eyes locked I was frozen in fear for what seemed like forever before it began approaching the bed when it was almost at the bed my little dog launched himself at the thing biting at the things legs it had a look of utter confusion on its face like it couldn’t believe that it was being attacked by something so small it reached for my dog and that’s what finally broke me out of my pearlized state I was not going to let that thing kill my dog while I sat there I reached over and grabbed the shot gun and started praying out loud I don’t even remember what it was but it go the things attention its face twisted in to what looked like pain. I flipped the safety  off and unloaded all of the slugs right in to its chest it barely moved when they hit but they did tear through it from what I could see it did let out a horrific screech though and then I took the butt of the gun and started hitting it, it let out that screech and took one of its clawed hands and raked it  across my chest I didn’t feel anything my adrenalin was so high at that moment. And with that it turned and leapt out the window and vanished in to the night. That’s when I noticed my poor dog had been throne in to the wall and wasn’t moving terrified he was dead I rushed over to where he was and saw he was still breathing but he wouldn’t get up that’s when I noticed I had four gashes across my chest and my shirt was soaked in blood I reloaded the shotgun picked up my little dog and practically had to drag the other one out from underneath the bed we mad a mad dash to my truck  and drove out of there as fast as I could I heard the thing screeching a few more times before we left those mountains  

When we finally reached a town with a hospital, I made them find a vet for my dog he had the gashes that I received were deep and the doctors had their work cut out to keep them  from getting infected but in the end they healed but I will always have the reminder of that night branded on my body, as for my dog he had a few broken ribs and he broke his front leg but has healed just fine.

Ever since that night I haven’t been to the woods or back to our cabin and I have no intention of ever going back. When I told my grandfather, what happened he said that he believed I was attacked by a wendigo and from what I have seen on the internet he’s right. All that I can say is never go to the mountains alone, to listen to your gut, never go unarmed, and if you do encounter something start praying that may be the only thing that can save you

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