A bit of a backstory. 
 Thinking I met the “one”, we were married in 2008. At the time I was a 23 year old catholic, good girl. Him being atheist. Even though we had our religious differences, we were in love.  Soon after being married, we were given the opportunity to purchase our first home. My godfather had inherited the home that was passed down from generation to generation. Growing up, that was the house that all of my family would hold numerous parties and holidays. I loved that house, so you can imagine my excitement when given the opportunity to live in it. So, of course we decided to jump into the deal. Although I’d heard some pretty scary paranormal happenings, I never myself witnessed anything. 

Fast forward a year after living in the house. My then husband had become very abusive. Both physically and emotionally. Being Catholic, I refused to get divorced. Plus I did love him. (I know, stupid me). He had been coming home from “work” very intoxicated, forcing me to cook for him. I later found out he had been cheating on me with a co-worker. 
 One night, we went through our nightly ritual of him stumbling in, asking for food. After finishing his dinner, he decided he would take a shower.

I decided I was going back to sleep, the time being 3am. As I was starting to doze off, I hear this huge BANG!! I immediately jump up and run to the bathroom door. I began attempting to push open the door. Even though there was no lock on the door, I couldn’t get the door to open like if it was being held closed. I began pounding on the door, screaming my husbands name. Nothing. I decide I run outside and look through the bathroom window. Even though it was just this tiny stand up shower, all I could see is his arm sticking out from under the shower curtain. My ex husband was a very big guy. He was 6’1 and weighed about 200lbs. So I began pounding on the window and still no movement. I then run back in and with one small push, the door flies open. At the time, it didn’t occur to me how at first the door wouldn’t open and now it was easily opened. I then ran into the small bathroom and began trying to get him up. Nothing would make him open his eyes. Just as I was about to run to get my phone and call 911, his eyes flew open.

He immediately jumped up, naked as the day he was born and ran into our bedroom. The fear in his eyes told me he witnessed something my family had been talking about for years. He begged me for my rosary and asked for the holy water I had that my priest had given to me upon moving in. He wouldn’t stop staring at the door to my bedroom with this horrified look in his face. Every time I asked him to tell me what happened, he would start crying. This being the first time ever seeing him cry the entire 4 years of our whole relationship. 

 2 hours after calming him down, he finally decided to tell me what had happened in that bathroom. He said as he was letting the water run down his head, he felt this cold breeze. He then heard a gravel, growl type of voice calling his name.

Thinking it was me playing a joke, he said out loud “Des, that’s not funny. You sound scary.”  The voice replied “ I’m not Desi. You know who I am. ” He said he kinda laughed and said “that’s not funny”.

The voice then began calling him and asking “so you like to hit girls? Come out and hit me.  Come out and look at me, you  little p&$$y”. He said at that point he got really scared but still thought it was me. He said he still felt the freezing cold air and didn’t reply. Deciding it was me still, he opened the shower curtain. He said standing there was the scariest figure he’d ever seen. He said this figure wasn’t done justice in the movies.

He was so scared, he passed out. He said he could hear me pounding in the door but he was being held down with nails ran across his face. The. Next thing he remembered was me crying over his lifeless body. The very next day, he made an appointment with my priest and converted to Catholicism.

About 2 months later, we sold the house back and were divorced shortly after. Not before we found a few strange voices and shadows  in videos we’d caught on my phones camera while recording our two dogs. I never felt scared or any kind of negative feeling. I’ve had quite a few paranormal experiences, but never anything like his. I know this story sounds strange or pretty unbelievable, but I completely believe him. If you would have seen the look on his face, you would too.
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