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For confidentiality reasons, I will not be taking real names. This is my narration of true events that happened to my father. My family loves camping and hiking in the woods. On one such camping occasion, while my cousins, my brother and I were sitting around the campfire swapping ghost stories, each one trying to come up with a scarier story, my dad interrupts us and says that he has a really scary one. He tells us that it's not actually a story, but a recollection of something that happened to him many years ago.

It was the reason why he quit hunting. 

My dad is from a place in North-East India where majority of the population practices hunting of wild animals. The dense tropical forests are rich with wildlife. It was during one such hunting trip that my father vividly recalls what he and his hunting partners experienced. I don't recall the year of the incident, but my brother and I were very young. We don't live in dad's hometown, so we would go once a year to spend the christmas holidays with dad's side of the family.  

So anyway back to the story.  They had made a group of 4 men and set out into the forest. One of the men was an experienced hunter. They began to experience strange things on the very first night. Everyone was ready to start the hunt once the sun set. While they waited in ambush, it was then that a strange clapping sound began and it continued on the entire length of the night. It was very loud and nothing close to what any animal made. None of them could decipher who or what was making the sound. It seemed to emanate from everywhere. The men were frightened, as no one had ever heard such a sound before.

Apart from the strange sounds, there was plenty of game that night. Dad says that he actually managed to shoot quite a number of deer!  However, the scary thing was that none of the deer that he shot seemed to fall. Deer would pass by in plain sight and he would take the shot confident that he had hit his target, but when he went to check, he would come up empty handed. Not even a trail of blood could be seen. It was frustrating and freaky, he describes it. So, that was how they spent their first night. They did not catch anything.

They set out early into the forest the following day, to try their luck again. Once more they came up empty handed. They even got lost trying to find camp. They seemed to be going in circles and they wound up in the same spot on several occasions. Dad says, one entire day was wasted; lost, trying to find camp. It took them hours, but ultimately they managed to find their way back to where they pitched their tents. While sitting around the campfire, after their meal, dad's friend, we'll call him A, began to count the members around him. He kept counting everybody else except himself. He would say " There is B, C, D here tonight, we are all together 3 people here." He kept leaving himself out. He then spoke to my father saying very weird things, A just wasn't himself. Dad says that he found A's behaviour very strange, but he didn't think too much into it.

The next day, they set out very early in different directions to try and cover more ground. Dad said that while he sat and waited, he suddenly heard a very loud scream. He knew immediately that something was very wrong, so he hurried towards the location to which he thought the sound came from. As he ran he saw someone approaching him. It was the experienced hunter, we'll call him B, he was crying and shaking. He kept saying "I have killed him! I have killed A!"

Dad tried to calm him down so he could make sense of the situation, but the man was hysterical. Only a hard slap across B's face brought him to his senses. Once B was a bit calm, Dad asked him what had happened.  It was then that B shared the horrifying news. B said that while he waited in ambush, he saw a bear approaching him. He insisted that the figure that approached him, was a big black bear. Being an experienced hunter there was no mistake in his mind at what he was seeing. It was a bear and it was ferocious! He pulled the trigger and the animal fell to the ground with a thud. When he went closer to inspect it hoping to find a dead bear, but to his horror, he found that he had shot and killed A. 

As this is a narration to a tragic event that happened a long time ago, I would appreciate it if people could approach this post with discretion.
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