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Trolls they can be found everywhere on the internet and everyone at some point runs into one of them. Just like everyone else I have come across a hand full of Trolls on YouTube. Although when I came across trolls I always try to crush them in the comment sections whenever I meet them.

Everytime I fight with a troll online they eventually give up on arguing with me and go find someone else to to try and pester. But there was one troll who did something that still haunts me to this day. The troll that I ran into seemed like your average everyday run of the mill troll and I decided to hold my ground when he started firing comments at me. I have learned when you are holding your ground fighting trolls they feel like they are comfortable and safe hiding behind their screen they believe that they are invincible. But whenever I ask them to settle a fight in real life face to face well that's when they stop replying to the comments.

This method usually worked for me but it didn't work on the troll mentioned in this story. This troll actually decided to look up the location of where I lived he was obviously trying to scare me by telling me what my house and neighborhood looked like. But what really terrified me was when he mentioned about the daycare that was not to far from my neighborhood. My mom works at the daycare and my sister sends her daughter there but that's not what worried me. What really scared me was when the troll mentioned about how he was attracted to kids.

My heart dropped after reading his comment this troll not only looked up the location of where I lived but also the location of the daycare close to my home. Luckily the daycare has a security system to keep people from getting in if they don't have an id. What truly terrifies me is knowing that this troll could be setting behind his computer screen right now looking at the daycare online.
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