I've traveled to many places, but my trip to Savannah, will always be the most memorable. My friend Micki and I have always had a love for the supernatural. She loves telling ghost stories and I've always had a sense for paranormal activity. So when I mentioned I was going to Savannah for my grandmas birthday, a place that's practically crawling with spirits, she was exstatic. "You have to go on a ghost tour!" She yelled happily. "I don't know, I've heard bad stuff can happen on those tours.." I said nervously. "Oh come on, if you go on one, we'll have more stories to tell."  She insisted. "I'll ask mom.." I said. "Yay!" She squealed with excitement. I smiled, but in reality I was scared, telling stories about the paranormal is fun but, witnessing much more terrifying.

So the next day I asked my mom, she used to do paranormal investigating so I figured she would agree. And as I expected  she did. The drive was long maybe three or four hours. But when we finally got to our hotel I was practically starving. So we went in a really good restaurant in the hotel and ate. ( the food was literally so good I almost cried.) And after we finished we went up to our room to unpack. When I had remembered my moms ghost meter. I figured I could at least try to go searching the hotel halls before bed, just to make sure I could sleep without being a total chicken.

So I grabbed the meter and walked out the door, after asking my mom of course. The halls were completely empty, but still cozy looking. I took a deep breath and began to walk, my eyes staring at the meter. I'd walked six doors down til it went from green, to yellow to, red. (Green being the least amount of energy, red being the most.)So I did what I always do, first check for interference, I pointed it to the walls, green. The lights, green. The floor, green. But then, I pointed it to the I walked back to the next door and pointed it at it, green. I creased my eyebrows in confusion, and walked back to the door. I looked at it then back at the meter. But almost immediately after I walked back, I felt a cold pressure on my leg, before I could look behind me, I was pushed forcefully back to where the meter fell out of my hand. And a loud, terrifying voice boomed, "Get out! Or I'll kill you!" It didn't take me 2 seconds to grab the meter and dash down the hallway and run all the way to my room.

I was halfway there when I looked back and saw a dark mist fade out of my sight, I screamed and pounded on the door. When it opened my mom looked at me like I was crazy. I told her everything, and luckily she believed me. The next day, I was still shaken. But we were still scheduled to go on the tour and we had already paid. My mom convinced me to go, and told me I wouldn't have to actually do anything. So I agreed, I didn't want to ruin my nanas birthday. And even in going, it turned out to be fun, I'd almost forgotten everything that had happened the day before. Until our tour guide decided to an EVP session.

I figured it would be cool to ask a question, I mean what were the chances it would answer me? Well boy I got surprised. I asked "Are you in heaven? Or with god?" When our tour guide played back the tape, the first thing I heard scared the absolute crap out of me. "Do you remember me?" It said. It was the same terrifying voice I'd heard the day before. I started shaking. It followed me? I thought.

But what surprised me even more was the spirit that answered my question. As the recording played, I heard my voice, "Are you in heaven? Or with god?" As I waited, the EVP box said "Purgatory."

This turned out to be the most productive and scariest trip ever!

When I go back to school, I told Micki what happened. She was happy to have another story to tell. But I told her, "I'll tell my stories, but I'm done, playing with the paranormal."

Supernatural stuff might seem fun to kids or teenagers. But I hope most of them stay away from it. I'll never know what exactly was following me that weekend. But thankfully, I haven't had any more supernatural experiences since then. I warn you don't mess with that stuff, it's very dangerous.

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