This story happened about 15 years ago, when I was 8 years old. My dad was a trucker, and as expected, he spent a lot of time on the road. Whenever I was on break for school, my dad would often take me with him trucking across many states. I really enjoyed going with him, mainly because the open road is so relaxing and we would stop by many places to eat along the way. 

This particular time I went was during the summer of 2005, a week or so after the school year had ended. My dad told me to pack a bit extra this time, due to the fact that he was going further than usual on his route. That evening I started packing my clothes and any sort of entertainment, which ended up only being my gameboy color.
Early the next morning, my dad and I left to the place where the truck was kept and we departed from then on. The first couple of hours were usually just driving non stop, so I took the time to play my gameboy and gaze out the window from time to time. About 3 hours later, my dad asked me if I was hungry and we went to a McDonald’s to eat some food. After we finished our meals, we got back in the truck and began driving again.

About an hour later while driving on an empty road, we were both startled by a loud scraping sound on the bottom right side of the truck. My dad pulled over and exited the truck to see what the noise was. I stayed inside the truck so I didn’t see what happened, but I remember my dad was on the phone and he sounded very upset. My dad eventually got back inside the truck and told me we’re gonna have to stop by somewhere first because something happened to the truck.

We arrived at some repair looking shop and my dad went to go talk to someone who was inside. A couple minutes later my dad returned and told me to get out of the truck because it needs to be checked. I was never told what the problem with the truck was. My dad and I waited about 4 more hours for the man to finish what he was doing, and once he was done, we left and continued on.

It was about 6pm at this time, and I started to play on my gameboy again, given there was still light out, and I wanted to play as long as I could before the sun started to set.
I continued to play for another hour or so and I got very sleepy. I turned my gameboy off and rested my head on the side of the door and stared out the window and watched the trees as we drove by, eventually falling asleep.

I abruptly awoke from my sleep due to my dad driving very fast down the road. I remember looking out the window and seeing that the sun had already started setting, and it was darker outside than it had been before I fell asleep. I then remember my dad telling me “don’t be scared” which confused me at the moment cause I had no idea what was going on. I then asked my dad why he was driving so fast and he didn’t answer and kept his face forward on the road. I stared at him and that’s when I saw movement coming from outside his window. At first all I saw was something white rushing up to his window and rushing back off. I was still very confused and was wondering what the heck was that and why it was going so fast. The object then came into view again and this time got close enough to slap the driver side window. When it got that close to the truck, I was able to get a pretty good look at it. What I saw was what appeared to be a lady with long black hair covering most of her face in a white gown who was floating. It flew back away for a minute and then soon came again very quickly and slapped the window again, then flew back away. This thing then came back and I quickly closed my eyes as I saw that it was about to press its face against the driver side window. I heard my dad scream and curse, and tell me to not look. I kept my eyes shut and I heard my dad begin to whimper. All I can remember after that is that I kept my eyes closed until we got to civilization.

Whatever we saw that night has haunted me for years after that, and I still get chills when I think about it. I have no idea what that thing was, and what it wanted. I don’t know exactly which state we were in when it took place, only that it was somewhere in the southeast of the U.S.

This was something that was never talked about between my dad and I. He passed away 6 years ago due to medical issues, and until recently I thought that he never told anyone about what happened. About 2 months ago my mom and I were talking about my dad and his side of the family, and we eventually started talking about my grandparents. As we were talking about my grandmother, my mom seemingly out of nowhere asked me about that night when my dad and I were out trucking. I was shocked to have found out that my dad actually told my mom about it, considering it was never brought up before. She asked me if I saw the face of the thing that was outside the truck and I said no. She stayed silent for a couple of seconds and then asked me if I ever noticed my dad acting weird after that. I told her that the only thing I found strange was that he never talked about it. My mom then told me the scariest thing I ever heard. She explained to me that when the thing pressed its face against the driver side window, it said something to my dad. It said something to him in my grandmas voice. His moms voice. When he heard that voice he looked at the things face and saw that it was the face of his dead mother. According to my mom, that experience forever haunted my dad, and he would have constant nightmares because of it. 

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Thank you for this story!
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I'm commending this story with a flame of recognition! It gave me genuine goosebumps. Thanks again for your submission.
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