For a bit of backstory, I'm a 17 year old male and my best-friend who we'll call Connor is about a year younger than me and he's got some woods behind his house that leads to a park with a path to his house. This all happened in the summer of 2019. Me and Connor were just chilling in the woods with a small fire going in front of the log we were sitting on. While we were talking about our favourite childhood shows through our cigarettes, we heard some twigs snapping. Since it was dark out and there were both deer and raccoons in the area, we did't pay any attention to this. A few minutes later, I get this feeling like I was being watched so I mentioned it only to get a "just ignore it" from Connor. So I took his advice and started talking about whatever was going on in the world at that point. At around 22:00 or 10:00pm, we heard a massive cracking sound like a thick log being broken. After that, I shined my phone's flashlight in the area the sound came from and saw nothing, I guess Connor saw something because he took my phone and walked over there. A few steps in, he stopped and without even looking at me, said," run, don't look, just put the fire out and run". Naturally this scared the heck outta me so I did as he said and we were both out of there and in the park within a few seconds. When we were walking back to his house from the park, I asked him what he saw and he said it was a tall dog-like creature with dark brown fur. The next day, we went back to see what broke and it was a tree about 5 inches in diameter. From that point on, we've never stayed in those woods so long after dark.
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