I was in the military at one time. From the mid 1980's. Quite frankly I've seen a lot of things that deify a logical explanation. this is one if those things that does not have an explanation. For most of my life I've looked to logic to show me the answers that I seek. I've cress-crossed the ocean several times and the spookiest region has to be the Bermuda Triangle. I was on watch on the ship during one of these crossings. I don't think I can tell you the name of the ship for security reasons but as the ship entered the triangle there wasn't anything on radar keep in mind that I was just 19 and pretty stupid. Almost ten minutes after we entered the triangle a massive storm came in almost out of nowhere. I thought to myself kind of freaky but it could happen a helicopter was washed overboard. We were lucky that there wasn't any lives lost during that event. Like I said I was young and stupid. A few months later we were back in that same area, going in clear weather about ten minutes later another storm came in from out of nowhere again a helicopter was washed overboard, again no lives lost. I was starting to think that there is something down there that doesn't like me. some time after that, almost an identical down to the letter happened to the ship. Now I don't care what anybody says I know that there is something far beyond our understanding or technological know how. A word of warning to all of you people who cross the sea, show respect to the sea and for the most part you should be okay. If you don't something can and will bite you in the backside.
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Darkness Prevails
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