This just happened on August 2nd, 2018, in my house in York, Pennsylvania. A very creepy encounter has just happened here at my house. Me and my friend were just messing around in my room, checking out some youtube and stuff. We see a light downstairs turn on and immediately we notice that there is some slight breathing coming from the dining room. After that, we gather 2 knives, thinking someone has broken into our house, and search every room in the house very carefully. We looked into every room like a swat team and there was absolutely nobody in the house. We go back into the room thinking everything is fine but out of no where we were hit with an eerie feeling and we heard a slight bang on the table. Both of us were scared beyond belief, so we grabbed a football to attempt to distract ourselves and went outside. When he threw the football toward me, I thought I saw an outline of an arm in the window, but I just brushed it off. What really bothered us is when we were about to take a walk down the street and get away from the house down my neighborhood, my friend hears tapping on the glass sliding door. Whatever it is taps 4 times, takes a break, taps 4 times again, takes a break and then again is taps 4 times. I saw the outline of 2 legs of a figure, and I am not sure what they were from or what they resembled. My mom pulled in just seconds after that, so everything was fine and dandy. Whatever it was, let's not meet again.
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