I got this story from a friend who had originally posted it on reddit about 4 years ago. The story is told from her perspective. The weirdest story I've ever heard.  Maybe another dimension? Who knows. But anywho, here is her story.

I'm going to talk to my mom later today to get the name of the school. I just want to write down what I can remember. The school was located in Maryland about an hour outside of Washington. I was in 2nd grade I think. The first thing I remember is us all sitting in front of the teacher on the carpet in front of the chalk board. She told us to pare up and look into each others faces. She named 4-5 different animals we could look like. She mentioned a monkey, rat, maybe a snake I can't remember. She told us different ways we could tell what the other person was like the distance of the from the nose. I was little and started saying stuff to the kid in front of me like your a butterfly because your pretty or you're a cat. Do you want to be a cat? I want to be a bird. I thought it was an imagination game. The kid got annoyed at me and said no that's not how you do it let me try. I kept making faces and goofing off. Finally the teacher came over to ask us what we got. I can't remember which animal the teacher helped him see in my face but I remember I wasn't happy about it. There was an assistant who tried telling me to settle down and pay attention because it was imporant but i started laughing and pointing at the teacher calling her a monkey. The assistant removed me from the group but i can't remember what happened after.

I kept acting up not in a malicious way just being a kid. I had trouble understanding the teacher and following her on the chalk board. I kept haveing to look over at my neighbor to see what book they had on their desk. Ask what page we were on. Needless to say they put me a room with two other kids who had "special" needs. I hated that place. I knew everything they were trying to teach me and I got angry. He would hold up a flash card and have us answer in turn. I got impatient with how long it took the other two and started answering for them just to get scolded. I remember just sitting there with the guy holding a flash card asking me for an answer and i remained silent. He asked me if i knew the question. I said yes. He asked why i wouldn't answer. I said because I don't belong here I know all this. I'm not stupid. I looked at the other two kids who looked miserable and brain dead and said and I don't think they belong here either they're sad. He just said well we tried the other class room but you don't follow along. So now you're here but i don't think you belong here either. He said come with me. I asked if the other two kids were coming he said no they were going to stay and when i looked behind me some guy who i didn't notice was sitting in a corner stood up and walked over to the desk. This is where things get a little strange we walked a little ways and came to this big open room that had a bunch of kids of all ages some as young as me and some that seemed almost like a teenager. Everyone was dead quiet as the teacher wrote on the board what looked like a bunch of numbers and letters in equations and now looking back maybe flight patterns of planets. I could sense whatever was happening was serious and remained quiet. The guy who brought me here talked to someone who was questioning my presence but i heard the guy say i know but i'm curious of what she is going to do. He handed me a pad and pencil and told me to sit next to this other child and to be quiet and just listen and watch. The teacher was quiet the entire time. The teacher and the kids never said a word. I went to ask if i could copy and pointed at their paper but they just nodded and nudged it towards me. I copied a few notes and then not much longer after i was there the guy came and told me I had to leave. I asked if this was going to be my class now. He shook his head no and said how he was just curious if i would understand anything. He took back the notebook he gave me and got really excited and asked me if i wrote that. I said yes. He asked me if i understood any of it I said a little but i copied from the other child and i saw his face fall. We went into this big library and he started arguing with this other teacher. Finally the man who was with me that whole time left and i could tell he was sad and frustrated. The other guy was there and i could sense he didn't like me. He told me i wouldn't be seeing him any more. I said yay! and he looked surprised and asked why i said that. I said i din't want to go back to that stupid class with the flash cards. He told me it wasn't good he was leaving me because he believed I had something more. The strangest of all was when my dad dropped me off at school and I was standing just inside the doorway and there was no one in the hall. I was trying to remember where my classroom was. This was before i went to that special class. I heard the bell ring and all of a sudden behind me coming threw the doors was a huge group of kids. I thought maybe a bunch of busses arrived. I started just walking with the flow of the group then noticed how odd everything looked. I maybe walked a couple yards but had no idea where i was in the school. My elementary school was one story but i could look up to a bunch of kids walking on a second floor. Everyone seemed to be whereing red or blue t-shirts. Every once in awhile someone would shout out this saying and make a hand gester and get a reply from a group of the same color walking past. I turned to this girl around my height and did the saying with the hand gester and she did the reply. I asked her her name and gave her mine. I asked her where her group was because I wasn't sure where i was supposed to go. She was carrying two notebooks and a pencil. I noticed then everyone wasn't wearing backpacks. She flipped open her one notebook that had a map and she pointed to where she was going. It's like it then registered to her how odd i looked. She asked me how long I've been here and I said it was my first year. She commented how she never noticed me before. She asked what class/group I was in. I said i was in 2nd grade. She said no then asked if i was red or blue. She didn't use those terms though the groups had a name i just can't remember. she said she thought i was red because of how i greeted her. I told her i just copied what i saw some guy above us do. then commented how it seemed the red was more mean then the blue. I asked her what grade she was in. She looked confused then I said you know kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade.. Then she had a oh shit look on her face. As she scanned me over with my backpack and odd colored clothes. She said panicked you're not supposed to be here. I laughed and said yes i am i'm in school, then she stated looking around for someone. I asked her are you looking for a teacher to take me to my home room? We can just use your map. I reached for it but she yanked it away and said i shouldn't of talked to you. Wait right here. I passed this room beside the hallway that reminded me of a caffetteria because it had big glass windows. Somebody in charge came over and started questioning her and he scolded her.

I know it sounds odd but it's not made up. the last i thought maybe was a dream but i remember another time i was hanging out in the hallway trying to figure out how to get to that place again. I told a teacher what i was doing and they said there is no other hallway. I said yes there was and started describing it. I remember them asking me questions about it. I commented if it wasn't real why did they want to know. The teacher looked angry at me and returned me to my classroom scolding the teacher for not keeping an eye on me.

please though if anyone had any strange school experiences please comment or PM me. I didn't know where to post this and any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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