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This is an true story that happened  to me over 20 years ago somewhere in Maine,  but the details are still very clear in my mind.  Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and I love decorated houses/businesses, etc.  While driving somewhere, I will usually pull over and park to look at every detail of a well-decorated location.  This one particular time, I was driving on a back road, around 11:30 p.m. on a cold October night near the 31st.  As I went by this house, I noticed a graveyard scene that looked interesting, with a low ground fog that added a spookiness and reality to the scene.

I pulled over and sat with my car idling, ( as it was cold out) to look at this wonderfully decorated front yard.  It was an elaborate graveyard scene, complete with body parts strewn about, bodies hanging from trees, lots of gravestones, bats, rats, skeletons, and some graves were partially dug open with zombie hands and heads looking as if they were digging themselves out of their graves.  It was very quiet and very eerie  Excellently and painstakingly done with lots of details, to include inscriptions on the gravestones.

While I was sitting there quietly, enjoying every moment and joyfully noting every detail, suddenly a man with a mask lept out from behind a gravestone, started a chainsaw and ran, and I mean, fast, right towards my car.  He was dressed like Jason Vorhees in "Friday the 13th Part 2". with a dirty pillowcase with eye holes for a mask and overalls with a flannel shirt.  I sat there for a moment, stunned and shocked, as I never expected this, and then took off like a shot down the road.  He chased my vehicle for a while,  and when it was clear he wasn't going to catch up, he just stood there in the middle of the road, smoke coming from the running chainsaw, watching me drive off. 

As I think back to this event, I have several questions.  I recalled that the house itself  was totally dark, with no lights on anywhere, except one outside lantern to shed light on the scene.  There were no vehicles in the driveway and it seemed as if no one was home.  So I'm thinking,  this dude is just sitting there, in the dark and the cold, late at night, just hoping a vehicle would happen to drive by on this rural back road?  Wasn't he cold?  There weren't any other vehicles on the road-how did he know I was coming?  Did he know that I would pull over to sit for a few minutes looking the scene over?  Did everyone who went by do that?  How long was he out there before I came by?  Wasn't he uncomfortable keeling/crouching behind that gravestone for a while?   The idea that someone would go to all that trouble  just hoping that someone would drive by and stop long enough for him to come out running with chainsaw in hand- that idea in itself is freaky.  Was it really just a prank?  Or  was it some demented soul who was looking for a chance to do something more than just a scare under the guise of a Halloween scene?  I'm glad I will never find out, and just accept that he was just looking for a harmless scare......but who really knows?
Mary Hoyt
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Reba Petro
I like looking at places on Halloween, an Christmas too. But your story would have scared me so bad, I think I would have call the police. Just to make sure that who ever did that didn't hurt him self or anyone else.
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