When I was roughly around six years old I used to go fishing with my grandparets.

And one day, while my grandma and I were pulling out one of our nets, I got an uneasy feeling, like something was watching me. The wind started picking up pace when we finished, and that's when I heard it. It was a very faint, but I could swear I heard a scream. All the fish we pulled out that day we're just skeletal remains, apart from a few seashells. I still felt like something was watching me, even as we were driving back. I started feeling nauseous, which was weird since I've never gotten sea sick before. The strange feeling wouldn't go away, and when I closed my eyes due to feeling very sick all I saw was a blurry pair of big, black eyes. They looked dull, yet somehow they gave me this weird feeling, when I opened my eyes all I saw was a flash of red in the water. It wasn't blood red, but rather a bromine red color. I started frantically blinking, trying to see if it was just my imagination, but every time I would see those dark eyes. And then I noticed that my grandma was staring at me. I barely stuttered "Granny, what's wrong?", but my question had no answer. She stood up from the helm and started walking towards me, and that's when I realized the boat wasn't moving. I tried to run and hide, but I couldn't move. She picked me up and threw me overboard, and as I hit the water I saw those eyes again. I was roughly 30 meters away from the shore, but I felt like I was kilometres away. As I was trying swim to the shore I saw another flash of red, this time mixing with another shade of red: my blood. When I eventually got to the shore I could finally feel the pain in my leg. The lower part of my left leg was slashed up and I had to get stitches.

I don't know what that was. We don't have sharks or anything like that in our part of the sea, but this gave me a fear of the deep which still liners within me today. And sometimes, when I try to sleep, I can still sea those eyes staring directly at me. 
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