My childhood house has always been a nightmare, though I loved we’re I lived I had so many terrifying things happen to me in that house such as this story about something that still haunts me too this day.

I was around 11 years old when this happend I always was that kid to close my closet, draw the blinds and look under my bed, sometimes even putting a night light on. But I never did think anything could happen to me if I stopped doing those things it just made me feel... safer I guess. So one night I decided I would just fall asleep without doing anything because I didn’t feel the need to I was a big girl why should I... but then that’s we’re i went wrong. In the middle of the night around 2:45 I woke up.... the room was quiet and pich black. I woke up because I had to get a glass of water, so shaking I desired to get up and get the glass of water. I crawled out from under my sheets and got up to grab a glass of water... as I began walking down the hallway to the kitchen I could swear I heard my room door close behind me. I looked back and saw nothing I kept walking saying maby I left the window open and the wind blew it closed... I walked to the kitchen and grabbed the glass of water and began walking back to my room with it. I opened the door too see.. the window closed... I just ignored it and sat down in my bed and finished my glass of water and then tucked myself in.. when all of a sudden.. from my closed closet came a jiggle at the door nob! I was tarrified... I hid under my covers as I heard it creek open. Something walked out of it and stood at the end of my bed.... and said in the most horrifying voice ever.. “I know your awake”. I started crying as I felt it gently touch my legs, then all of a sudden I felt it’s breath on my face... I screamed as loud as I could and my mom came running into my room asking if I was okay. I peeked from out of the covers and tried to explain what just happend and my mother said “it’s just a nightmare go back to sleep” I couldn’t slee after that so I went to my moms room and I just payed in her bed. I didn’t get one minute of sleep.. but I swear I heard scratching at the bed room door... and in my head I heard a voice which wasent mine.... begging me.. to let it in.
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