This isn't my story but a friend's.

Back when I was in high school I lifeguarded at a really old pool in the woods. And like many old buildings and facilities, this one had its share of ghost stories.  Things like pool equipment randomly falling or being misplaced, doors to the bathrooms being swung open or unlocked despite the closer swearing that they had them locked. And on the odd occasion, laughter.  

On a typical week day,  no one really comes to the pool because there are a few beaches and lakes in the area as well and people tend to go to those more. Less rules and more opportunities for barbecues and what not. So our boss usually let us go for swims until someone showed up. There have been times when I'd spent the whole day swimming or reading and listening to music, which was always funner with another guard around. However, because so few people go to the pool, there was usually only one guard per shift (unless the boss noticed that it was starting to get crowded). 

It was on such a day that my friend had her experience.  It was a week day though I don't know which and it was around the fourth of July. I think the year was 2010 or 2011. Since no one was around, she was lifeguarding alone and decided to go for a swim. She mentioned that she had been swimming for about twenty minutes to a half an hour. Up to that point it had been very uneventful, the only sounds were her kicking at the water and a couple of bird calls. Typically with these stories, people mention the world getting quite or muffled. But my friend claims that she had no such warning. 

At that point she was doing laps across the pool, trying to beat a personal record.  At the time we had a little competition going on to see who could swim a lap the fastest. Just as she reached the middle of the pool, where it started to deepen she felt a tug on her leg. At the time she had her lifeguard rescue tube floating in the water near her, just in case. She said that she thought that her foot might have caught in the  strap so she went to move it out of the way. 

The next thing she knew, she was being pulled under.  She mentions that her stomach dropped and adrenaline set in imminently. Of course, she is a strong swimmer,  but this ghost was pulling her under and all she could do was claw at the surface.  She said that it was the most horrifying thing, that helplessness. Knowing that you're going under and the only thing you can do is press your lips together and try not to inhale the water. 

This happened in the span of maybe thirty to forty seconds,  but she said it felt like she had been under for ages.  After the initial kicking and flailing she was under the water just long enough to start feeling dizzy.  Just long enough to be certain that the next guard coming in for his shift would find her floating face down in the water.

Now we were aware that this spirit (or spirits) had a mischievous streak, but they'd never done anything outright antagonistic.  
My friend thinks that this was a prank from the other side, because after that few seconds,  the spirit let go of her leg and she could get to the surface.

She said that she'd definitely broken her record dashing out of the pool. She had scrambled onto the deck where she said that she lie just staring at the sky and canopy for a good while, thankful that she hadn't drowned. It just so happens that the boss was making her rounds and checking up on all of the guards. She didn't mention what had happened because she didn't want to put an end to swimming during free time. Though, after that,  there was an unspoken agreement between the guard staff that year, that we'd only be swimming when we had another lifeguard with us. 

Since then, I still went to that pool, even after I quit the job. But a few years later that pool (falling into a state of disrepair) was actually demolished to make room for a new pool. I feel like the spirits probably didn't take too kindly to that and I wonder if the new generation of guards have their own tales to tell. Or if the spirits vacated with the old pool gone.
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