I'm a highschool student. The school I go to is fairly small and most of the students who go to school with me are farmers. I joined the Drama club this year and we were given a project. The town my school is in has a fairly large graveyard. The project was fun. The students (and a few select volunteers from the community) that were picked got to tell someone's life story in the graveyard. I got to be a part of this and was really excited. It was me and six others who got to participate with this project and we were brought to the graveyard to practice. We had to find our graves and sit next to them and act like we were genuinely that person when a trailer of people came along. 

All of us found our stations relatively quickly and settled in for the four hours we were going to be there. I got lucky because a tent was set up next to me with water. My friend Matt however couldn't seem to find his station until my friend Mary helped him find it. He settled down and we all waited for the trailer of people so we could start. My drama teacher asked where Matt was so she could give him a prop and I pointed over to his direction but Mary paused for a few moments and pointed behind me. "isn't... That him over there?" She asked.  I turned around and saw a man in a grey suit. Matt was wearing the same clothes so we understandably thought it was him. 

The only issue was Matt noticed the drama teacher over near our station and came over asking what she needed. His voice made us all jump and turn to him. "That... Wasn't you?" I asked.  Matt looked extremely confused. "Who are you talking about?" He asked. "That guy over--" I turned to point but the figure was nowhere to be seen.

The drama teacher shook it off as a mourner. After all, it was a graveyard. As the day carried on the volunteers near me kept claiming they felt that they were being watched when they walked back to get water for the cooler near the station. Me and Mary immediately went to the possibility that the man in grey was a bit more than what we thought. We had no idea we'd be right.

The day finally ended but it'd be a few hours before mom would pick me up. My friend Katelyn suggested we walk through the graveyard to make sure we didn't leave anything. Me and Mary agreed and I sat down my bag as we walked down the trail. 

Something caught my eye. A lantern on top of a grave was going on and off. Figuring it was a lightbulb about to shut off I picked up the lantern and switched it off. I decided to take it back to the teacher thinking that it was left behind from one of the stations. We walked further down and Mary stopped walking. "....Abby... Didn't you set down your backpack before we left?" Mary asked. I nodded. "... Yeah?" I said confused to why she was bringing it up. She walked down a row and lifted up a bag-- my bag. "Then why is it here?" She asked. This combined with a man who disappeared it began to creep me out. 

It only got worse though as the sun went down. We decided to turn back when we noticed the man in grey was back. He staring dead at us and we were confused to what he was doing. He wasn't moving until Katelyn moved forward. She'd take a step. And so would he. Me and Mary kept watching the strange interaction until his attention switched to me. When his eyes were on me it felt off. Then I realized something. If the sun was down by this point, how in the hell were we seeing him so clearly. "Guys. run." Mary said. We all took off in a sprint and made it back to the parking lot.

"Woah woah! Are you girls okay!?" The man leading the event asked. We explained the man  in grey and he nodded. "you're not the first one to see him." He said. Confused by what that meant, we asked him to explain. Apparently the man in grey shows up every year around this time. He passed away in a accident and now he supposedly haunts the graveyard. He doesn't hurt anyone, he just watches them or moves things around. No one knows what grave he's buried or who he actually is though which is why it strikes everyone as odd. 

Now that I know that, I can say for certain I'm not volunteering for that event again. Something in my gut tells me that if I wouldn't have noticed him copying Katelyn's movements, I would've been screwed.  
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