This story happened to me and a few of my friends while we were going through training for our jobs. 

Let me first start out by saying we are in the military and the training we were undergoing is called FMTB, it is a course that corpsmen go through to allow one to be certified to become deployable with Marine units. The area that this story takes place in is located both at the school house itself and the barracks that 200+ students live in during each class. 

Now, on to the story;

During our first few days in this place most of the other students would feel as if something was off, be that breathing in your ear or a cold chill down your back or a sudden feeling of unease in general, however it never escalated  until myself and three of my other friends became injured and dropped from the program. 

After we were dropped from the program we joined the "SAT Platoon" which is basically a group that waits for different orders so all we do is help the staff with preparing the tests for the class and clean the building.

One day, my friend "A" returned from the Forward Hold where she was supposed to grab the cleaning supplies but she was empty handed and ghostly white. Naturally we grew concerned and asked what was the matter. 

"I heard crying in that room," she said. "I got to the door but before I could open it I heard what sounded like a girl crying."

Me, being the horror fanatic that I was, and my other friend "C" ran to the room and listened from the other side of the door.... But there was nothing. No crying, no sniffling, no sound what-so-ever. The school house was basically empty so it could not have been one of the students or the staff. 

"C" and I decided to open the door anyways and see if there was someone inside, but before we opened it all the way or could even turn on the light there came the sound of someone tapping, directly where our ears were. "C" was a chicken when it came to ghosts and stuff so that was the last straw for her and she noped out of there while I decided to hang back and take a quick look around. 

I opened the door fully, turned the lights on, and took a look around the 5x5 foot room. 


I tried to close and open the door slowly again to see if something may have just hit it but there was, again, nothing that could have made that noise. When I decided that we must have been imagining it and grabbed what we would need to clean I took one last look around and that was when I felt it. Hot and sticky breathing on the back of my neck. 

Now it was my turn to nope out of there, I returned back to the room as quick as possible telling them what happened when I got there. 

We decided that this was all in our heads and brushed it off, at least until the next occurrence happened. 

A few weeks later we were assisting the class with the final field day in the barracks. Myself and another girl were in the female berthing mopping and had almost made it to the end when I looked up and saw a dark figure cross the hall on the other side of the berthing. 

"Did you see that..?" I whispered. 

The other girl I was with stopped her mopping and looked down same direction.

"See what?" she asked. 

When the figure did not show itself again I brushed it off and mumbled a never mind, then there it was again. Only this time I saw it in the reflection of the water in the ground. Some dark figure was walking back and forth between the lockers than began walking down the hallway. I looked up from the ground to try and see it head on but it was gone. I turned back this time to see if the girl I was with had seen it that time and by the shocked  and pale expression on her face, she had. 

We rushed out of there together and told some of the other females what we had seen which brought up a series of different stories of people seeing the same thing or having their own experiences. 

After the class graduated I was telling some of my friends from my previous command about these experiences and to my dismay, one of the guys who had gone through this same training three years prior sent me a video of while he was on duty at the school house. In the video you could clearly hear voices and music and alarms going off in the museum that resided upstairs during the middle of the night, including a mannequin in old MARPATs moving. 

I still reside at this command and so far nothing else has happened to this same degree but the same ominous feeling has never left from those two buildings.
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