Throughout my life I was always fascinated by the occult or ghost stories. Tales of ghosts, demons, angels, witches, and other fascinating aspects of this made up a good portion of my free time and I grew to research it. Of course my friends thought I was weird. I had a tendency to nerd out about this stuff and sometimes leave them unable to sleep after telling them what I’ve learned. One particular evening, I was having a conversation with one of my closest friends and we came upon the subject of spirits. She had grown to be as curious as I am about such oddities so I figured I’d tell her a few things. This would prove to be a rather frightening evening. I started with the concept of shadow people and demons. She was very intrigued by this and asked me about a shadow man wearing a hat. Apparently seeing a shadow man wearing hat is a global occurrence to those having sleep paralysis. I never once encountered such a thing nor have I suffered sleep paralysis. She then went on to tell me that one night a few years ago, she was sleeping in her mother’s room for some unknown reason she didn’t wish to disclose. When she fell asleep, she “woke up” floating above her and her mother. She then saw a full on silhouette of a man yelling at her to leave him and her mother alone. She then woke up confused as to what happened. After telling me this tale, we talked for a little while longer and then fell asleep. I was suddenly woken up at 5 in the morning, an hour after I finished talking with my friend. My smallest dog Oreo was shaking. Oreo was never one to be scared and he always stood his ground no matter who or what was facing him. But Oreo was shaking and whimpering. From the light on my PS4 I could even see what I thought was tears rolling down his face. I grabbed him and put him into my bed. What I saw after that caught me off guard. A large black shape was standing at my bed looking at me. The shape was changing its size rapidly becoming smaller then larger and even enveloping my small room. The only light I had was the faint orange dim from my PS4. Throughout this whole thing I tried to remain calm. I felt that if I were to let it know I was afraid, it would take advantage of that and bother me and Oreo more. I told it to leave me and my dog alone and that it’s not welcomed in my home. It stood there and I saw what I thought was it’s shoulders moving up and down almost as if it was laughing. I then told it again to leave and even said please but that didn’t change anything. As a last resort I pulled my phone out and turned on the flashlight which made the shadow disappear along with the pitch black veil covering my room. Oreo appeared to be calmer and he finally fell asleep next to me and I left him undisturbed until a few hours later. I stayed awake up until the next night as I was afraid that whatever scared Oreo would come back again. I wasn’t wrong and this time I had my other dog Truffles with me. That night the shadow came back and as soon as I pulled out my phone it died. I was a little upset due to the fact that I would have to charge it up again because I wanted to watch some YouTube before I fell asleep. I was trying not to take the situation seriously so whatever was bothering me and my dogs would become discouraged and leave us alone. It didn’t leave us alone. So I decided to fall asleep and face whatever consequences there was in my dreams. I’ll be honest I regretted sleeping quite a bit. I found myself in my house and I saw that my dogs were gone. I also saw that I had no voice yet I could hear my surroundings pretty well. I went downstairs and saw all the people I really cared about sitting in the living room looking like they were beaten to near death. The rest is fuzzy but what happened scared me for a while. Every time I blinked one person would die. When it came to the girl I was talking to before I finally allowed myself to be consumed by the overwhelming rage and sadness and I willed myself not to blink. Unfortunately I blinked at it all came down to my mother. My mother passed away years ago when I was little. I blinked and nothing happened. I kept on blinking and still nothing happened. Suddenly I could feel something very angry behind me but by the time I turned around I was awake and both my dogs were by my side fully awake and had teeth bared at the figure at the edge of my bed. I woke up and said one more time, “leave us alone.” The figure suddenly disappeared and left us alone for quite a while. Up to this day it comes around every now and then. I’ve recently took up meditation and energy work so whenever I see this figure it able to scare it away with my own positive energy. My friend told me about other experiences she had but that’s her story to tell, not mine.
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