Hi I would like to share a scary story that happened to my sister and her friend.Forgive me for not being a good storyteller. This is a story that happened to my sister and her friend at school on a Monday. I am going to call my sister Maggie and her friend as Wengie for the sake of their privacy. So our school have a presentation on every Monday. That day Maggie's class have to present. Maggie copy the presentation into her memory stick and took it to school. And every presentation take place in the sport hall which is at the top of the school. Everything went well in the presentation . But when it comes to the end of the school day, Maggie realize that her memory stick wasn't with her. So she thought she forget it up in the sport hall. So she ask her friend Wengie to come with her to the hall, as there is no one there in the end of the school day. So both of them go to look for it. As they get to the sport hall they both saw their friend who i'll refer as Patrick. Patrick was sitting on the table tennis table with white clean uniform, which is so unlike him as his uniform always look like there have been a tornado attack just to him. Note that Patrick is my sister's best friend who talk nonstop and he isn't a weirdo at all. So this Patrick was sitting looking at both of them with the cold eyes without talking or blinking. Maggie and Wangie get uncomfortable so they say hi to him but he have no sign of expression and kept his eyes glued on them. They look for the memory stick but of course they can't concentrate on searching it as Patrick is on their nerves. So they decided to go down and to search it on Tuesday. Before going down Wangie say bye to Patrick but still he have no expression. This story would make no sense if they didn't see the real Patrick playing basketball in the multi purpose hall. And yes there aren't any other stairs that leads to the multi hall from sports hall except for the one which Wangie and Maggie take so, there's no way Patrick can come down from sport hall to the multi purpose hall. And he was so different from what they saw on the sport hall, his whole body was soaked with sweat as if he had showered with sweat or something. So Maggie called him and ask weather he had been in the sport hall just now, he said no and said he hasn't been in there the whole day just for the presentation. This is my sister's story. I know I can't believe this but there have been a lot happening not just to others to me too.
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