This all began 4 years ago when I was 18 years old living with my grandmother whom had been taking of me since I was 10 but one hot summer morning my cousins and aunts gathered at my house for breakfast as everyone arrived my grandmother told to go to the basement and get refreshments from the deep freezer but as I walked through the narrow passage I hear a faint voice call my name and turn around to see noone in sght as I grabbed the stuff I needed I headed up stairs as I was leaving the it was a shadow figure staring me as if it was warning of something all could think at that moment was to run when got back stairs I went on with my day until late at night I heard noises from the kitchen as I peeked I saw someone or something standing at my back door wearing a dark black coat as I frozed in fear he wispered where's Monica I had no idea two do a few days passed since that day and told my grandmother about my experience and quickly packed our bags to leave but I asked were we are going she stood in silence as we drove next four hours to were we arrived at a hotel but as we were pulling in that thing appeared beside the car and said weres Monica all could was leave but when tried the car turned the figure faded away and we settled in a room that night the next morning I found my grandmother dead in the bathroom I went screaming in fear and told the counter manager he quickly dialed 911 told them happens they arrived less than 7 minutes they investigated but found no signs of breaking in they assumed it was suicide and closed the case
I on the other was sent to live with my father up in Florida Miami where he worked as a plumber for several now but the first night wasn't as I expected the faded figure appeared again before asked where is Monica I screamed and my father came in with shot gun said what's going on I told him the next morning about what I saw the night of the hotel he frozed in fear later I learned Monica was his long dead sister whom died of a car accident the figure described seem to be his step father that his mother divorced in 1986 but never got over the facted Monica died because my father is the one who killed Monica he was drunk that night but the only survivor from the crash I didn't experience nothing until a few months later when I walked to local park were only me and few people had been an hour passed when went back home and found out my father weren't be home until morning
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