My story starts like the rest or at least  very similar there are a lot of stories out there  and this truly scares me my grandmother and grandfather had just moved into their home a few days ago and I was visiting to help with unpacking and organizing but from the moment I walked into that house I had a feeling of unease and it felt like someone or something was watching me every step I took it felt like there was a shadow creeping around every corner waiting and watching everything just felt dark and not just because all of the shade in the house my grandmother have lots of curtains there was one on each window so most of the time the house was dark for a few days prior I had actually been staying with them so I had several dreams strange events that took place inside the house even at one point encountering something paranormal a strange man wearing old glasses black pants a white dress shirt and suspenders he appeared to me in the kitchen I saw him in front of the fridge the strange thing was he felt familiar but I've never seen him in my life he opened the fridge at first I thought it was one of my family members but I went into the kitchen to get a better look and when I got out there he was gone and when I looked around the fridge I found something strange in the door an old photo of the young child it was even in black and white so that's how I knew it was really old  it was right there tucked in the plastic of the door as if he put it there this was just one of several events that happened in the house days prior so I'll get back to the main part of my story we were unpacking several items from the attic and most of the stuff was out so the attic was almost empty there were only a few things left it was me and my uncle I'm very certain it was only me and him in the house but another one of my uncles was there at the time so he could have been in the house after everything was done me and my uncle were in the kitchen the bathroom is in between a room and the kitchen so at the moment the door was sitting open there was this light on the ceiling that was sitting open so you could see right into the attic we were both standing in the kitchen when we heard loud and clear my other uncles voice so we thought he was calling us up to the attic and that was strange because we were certain he wasn't in the house but he could have been so we both look at each other and head toward the attic door my uncle doesn't want to go up so I went up first I get to the top of the door and look up into the attic I walked straight into the attic and look everywhere but my uncle is nowhere to be found and then that's when my uncle pokes his head up and I tell him is that there's absolutely no one up here and we were both very scared so we both left immediately I never went in that attic again
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