Hello. This isnt a very long story but it still gives me the creeps.

I work as a Transit Security Officer in Vancouver British Columbia.  

My job entails dealing with problems on the bus. If someone is drunk and causing a problem, or if someone is passed out and not waking up, we also rode the busses and check to make sure people pay their fares and are not cheating the system.

Anyways, on this particular night, which was a graveyard shift (we work from 730pm to 530am.) I had ridden in of our  late night busses from downtown to the suburbs of Surrey.  Which  was about a 90 minute bus ride. 

Got through the night without any hitches and my partner and I were in the patrol car heading back to the office to finish off our paperwork for the night and clock out.

My partner was driving and i was the passenger, it was about 445am and it was in the fall. So it was still dark out, I see this guy standing on the side of the road staring at the cars passing by. As our car is about to pass by i make eye contact with the him and i still remember those beatty little eyes, his eyes looking back left and right, all of a sudden he runs out into traffic! Luckily, my partner sees him and swerves to avoid running him over. I tell him to pull over and we run over to where the guy was standing as he is walking back to the curb.

I'm very upset at this guy as we almost hit him with the car so i start yelling at him asking him what the hell is problem is, and did he know how close he was to getting killed!? It was at this point i get a good look into his eyes and i can see that this guy is not all there. I change my approach and ask him what is going on and maybe we can help him if he tells us what's happening. I'm thinking this guy is on some heavy drugs or has a mental illness or both. The guy then looks at me and my partner and says. " I need to talk to a justice of the peace. I need to confess." 

My partner and i look at eachother both with confirming looks that this guy is crazy and maybe we better call the cops. I ask him "whats going on buddy? What do you want to confess?" The guy refuses to talk to anybody except for a justice of the peace or a judge and again says he needs to confess. My partner starts to call it in to dispatch as I try to get some more details and a name, date of birth, address, etc..

As I'm trying to get some information from the guy, another wave of cars strat to approach and will pass by momentarily,  the guy as he keeps repeating " I need to confess, I  need to confess " takes another shot at running out in front of a passing car. The fight was on, lucky for us the guy wasn't very large in stature he was about 5'5 140-150lbs. I was 6'0 225lbs and very much into bodybuilding at the time and I also had my partner for backup who was fit and an active athlete. So the guy was easily subdued and since we felt he was at risk for harming himself or someone else, we decided to handcuff and arrest him for safety until the police arrived.

Try as i might i tried to get him to tell me what he wanted to confess but he kept wanting to talk only to the justice of the peace. The police showed up shortly afterward and took the male into custody. 

This happened in 2016, and it still bothers me to this day what he wanted to confess..maybe there was a house with a dead body somewhere or maybe he was just out of his mind...we will never know i guess..
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