My name is James and a long time ago (summer of 2005) I saw 3 creatures in one night. This is going to be kind of short, but it was still fairly bizarre and scary. I was in 7th grade at the time and I was going to a christain summer camp in Southern Colorado with some friends in one of those big 4 row vans. The drive was was during a dark, stormy night. I had a window seat and was looking out the window when suddenly I saw what totally looked like like a big foot. I asked if anyone else saw it, but they denied it so I let it go as it was so fast. A couple of minutes later however I saw a small creature that looked like tumnus cross the highbeams, but again no one else saw it. The final thing I saw was the scariest and looked like a grim reaper. Oddly enough nothing bad happened on that trip and I've been back many times sense. 
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