Ok, my second visit from ETs was I think a week and a bit after my 1st 1. I went 2 bed then again woke up finding my self outside next 2 my moms bedroom window, then all of a sudden I could c space, so many stars, it was just beautiful. But then all of a sudden I got an erection and slowly turned around and I saw a UFO hovering over my cubby house, and again, without wanting 2 it was like I was hypnotised 2 walk 2wards the ship, then I remember being lifted of the ground and in2 the ship and idk if I was drugged but I was hypnotised 2 have sex with a humanoid female. So after all that I was put back on the ground and as they were putting me back they gave me a drink like fluid, I drank it then past out, next morning I woke up vomiting.
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