The Apocalypse. An event known as the end-times. It's something we as people thought about...but didn't prepare for. We wrote about it in books...made all kinds movies and TV shows about it with different senarios...we even made religious beliefs about it.

But the one thing we didn't do...was prepare for it. Why would we? I mean, up until now, we all thought an apocalypse happening in real-life was unlikely. That it was just TV stuff...and that the world would continue on like it always had. We were wrong. Dead wrong.

When the apocalypse came, it caught all of us off guard. Let me introduce myself. To protect my privacy, i'll address myself as Coral Denver. I'm a social worker who works for CPS. My job is to help abused kids and place them in loving, stable homes.

Or should I say "I WAS a social worker who worked for CPS?" And "My job WAS to help abused kids and place them in loving, stable homes. Ever hear the phrase "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it?" Well, that's what I got. As a social worker, it's always hard dealing with cases of child abuse. least for me it is.  Unlike some of the other social workers of  CPS, I actually care about the children that are placed in my care. And I always try to do the best I can to make sure they end up in good, loving homes.

But there had been many cases where CPS had let the children down and their abusive parents or guardians wound up killing them. And sometimes the kids were abused by the foster-care systems.

But I was grateful that I had never let any child placed in my care go through any of that. I started my career as a social worker in 1984 when I was 24 after I graduated college, and in all those years, I had never been put in a position where I couldn't legally help an abused child. Then I ended up in a situation with a child where I had to make a hard decision. A decision that led me to wishing that child abuse never existed. And it seemed I got my wish.

Because when the apocalypse started, no child was ever abused again.

When the end  started with an event that was very noticeable, yet not uncommon. In fact, it was something that happened everyday all around the world.

And that's how I ended up at the Kansas police station in 1992, which was the year this apocalyptic event started.

I sat in an office with the male police commissioner, giving him my statement as to what happened. I was there reporting the disappearance of Dexter Elson. A 10-year old abused boy who I had been placed in charge of getting away from his abusive father. Of course, I didn't reveal that part to the commissioner, but i'll go into that some other time.

When the commissioner asked me what happened, I went into detail and told him that I woke up in the middle of the night on the sofa in my old family farmhouse in the countryside of Kansas and went upstairs to check on Dexter and make sure he was alright.

Once I got upstairs, I went into his room and saw that he was gone and found his pajamas and glasses lying in a pile on the floor.

The commissioner asked me if I knew what happened, and said no. He then asked me if someone could've broken into the house and kidnapped Dexter while I was asleep. I told him I had considered that possibility, but there was no way that could've happened, since Dexter's clothes and glasses were left on the floor. There was no way anyone could've broken into that house. There no signs of forced entry. And even if someone had broken in, there was no way they could've undressed Dexter and got out of the house with him without me hearing them.

The commissioner wasn't sure what to think. He was about to respond, when all of a sudden, a male officer came into the room and told him that he needed to speak with him. The commissioner got up from his desk and assured me he would get back with me later, and then he followed the officer out of the office.

A few minutes passed, and then the commissioner rushed back into the office and seized the phone on his desk, apparently in a panic. I asked him what was wrong, but he just ignored me and started dialing numbers and then held the receiver to his ear and waited for someone to answer.

After a few minutes, his wife, answered the phone. He asked her why she was panicking...then he asked her what happened. The commissioner assured his wife that everything would be okay and that he was on his way home right now, and then he hung up the phone.

I asked the commissioner what was wrong, and he revealed his wife said their 11-year old son, Eddie, had vanished from his bedroom and had left behind his pajamas.

I felt really bad for him, as I understood all too well what he and his wife were going through, and I gave him my condolences.

He then revealed it wasn't just his son that was missing, and that all children had disappeared.

My stomach was instantly in knots after hearing that. And when I asked him if it was all of the children here in Kansas, he..."All over the world."

I literally felt my stomach drop all the way down into my feet. It was in that moment...that I knew he couldn't help me. No one here could.

Later, as I drove through the night town of  Kansas, all I could think about was what the commissioner said. All children from around the world from newborns to 12-year olds had disappeared off the face of the Earth. What in the world? What was going on?

I soon arrived back at the farmhouse in the countryside of  Kansas. I got out of my car, rushed inside, went into the living-room, and turned on the TV, revealing the news. On the screen were two news anchor women reporting that all children from around the world from newborns to 12-year olds were missing. Other than leaving behind their clothes, shoes, eye-glasses, and other worldly possessions, their bodies were gone without a trace.

They then went live in UK London, England to a middle-aged male news reporter, who revealed that all parents were is hysterics due to their children being here one minute and gone the next. A female news reporter in San Fransisco reported the same thing. They then showed some footage of a home-made video of a bunch of kids at a 9-year old boy's birthday party. All of the kids were playing around and having fun, when all of a sudden, the entire sky was covered with pale blue clouds, making them cease playing. They and the adults all looked up at the pale blue cloud-covered sky. Pale blue beams of light then came down from the sky, shined down on all of the children, and sucked them out of their clothes and shoes and up into the cloud-covered sky. All of the adults then start screaming and panicking.

I tried changing the channels, but they were all on the news, talking about the disappearances of all children from newborns to 12-year olds.

I turned off the TV and sat down on the sofa. I picked a framed picture of  Dexter off the round table by the sofa and looked at it. Dexter had long brown hair that went down to his neck that was slicked back, blue eyes, and he wore glasses. Yeah, he was a bit of a nerd, and it was something he always got picked on at school for. I put the picture back on the table and went upstairs to Dexter's bedroom and picked his pale blue pajamas off the floor and sat down on his bed and held them close to my chest. I then laid down on the bed and began crying.

As i cried, i started thinking about what I had told the commissioner when I gave him my statement. I had been lying when i told him i didn't know what happened to Dexter. The truth was I knew all too well what had happened.

Dexter was right.

Aliens had invaded Earth...and had taken all of it's children with them.

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Its a good story and all but your not suppose to post creepypasta or fictional stories here, its more based on true encounters and if they are fictional it should atleast be believable, if you'd like, theres a reddit horror thread where you can post your stories of any kind as long as they're meant to be scary and thats where i post my fictional stories
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