By: BritneyK

Location: Yuba City, CA



Background: Unofficially “The Woman at the Bus Station: Part Two”... After having met this strange, otherworldly woman at the San Francisco Greyhound bus station, yes you guessed it, I had another similar experience. I can’t recall the time of year exactly or what day it was even, but it was about a year after I had this creepy experience (to say the least) while waiting for my grandfather to return back to a bus station where he had left me for a couple of hours to get us some food.



I was fourteen years of age by this time and was in high school. What I’m about to tell is so beyond far fetched even for me and I’m the one this happened to! Okay, so the high school was a good twenty minute walk from my house and as I made my way home one day out of nowhere two girls around my age appeared a few feet behind me while I was walking on a sidewalk in my neighborhood. I found this extremely odd just because where the heck were these girls seconds before I noticed them? There had not been any intersecting street since I had reached my neighborhood and if they had come out of a house nearby I would have noticed right away since I had become a paranoid kid and would always check my surroundings.



Almost as though they had heard my thoughts, I heard one of them call out for my attention. I hesitantly turned to face them and awkwardly responded “Y-yesss?” the girl who had spoken had an ear-to-ear smile plastered across her face as she walked over to me and her friend followed behind her. She then motioned towards her friend and I know that she had mentioned a name, but I can’t remember what it was so I’ll replace it with Nebula. “Nebula tells me that you are an interesting subject” she grinned as if she was highly pleased with this. Both girls then took turns bringing up experiences from previous years, MY experiences. Incidents where I was the only one around at the time.



Their questions went something like this “Do you remember the time when you were eight years old and you really wanted to eat some freshly baked cookies, but you were asked to wait until later and you didn’t want to wait so as soon as no one else was in the kitchen you grabbed a mitten and took some then wrapped them inside a napkin and ran off so you wouldn’t get caught in the act?”.... I dumbly mumbled something incoherent because I was in total disbelief to which they both replied in unison “Yes, we know”.


Another question had been “Remember the time when you were about ten years old... your brother and you had been playing with a small bouncy blue ball outside, but then your brother tossed the ball so far that it had landed inside of a dumpster enclosure and you felt very bad because your brother began to cry, so you trespassed inside the enclosure, but you couldn’t find it anywhere. Then you prayed that it would magically reappear and while you were still inside the dumpster enclosure he called your name out and let you know that it had bounced back into his hands out of thin air?”



I was fear stricken to the core and just stood there gawking at these girls talking about things that had occurred while I was alone at the time. I couldn’t breathe properly, my heart felt like it was beating in my throat. Then to my horror their eyes flashed white for about three seconds while they were both smiling at me ear-to-ear. The main girl then placed her hand on my right shoulder and said in a low, but crispy clear voice that dripped with such certainty that it gave me chills up and down my spine, “We will be watching you. We have always been watching, Britney.” I just wanted to get the hell away from them and when I turned back to look at them as I walked away which was only about a second after, they simply just weren’t there anymore.



After my experience at the bus station the year prior I became this paranoid kid and so after this particular encounter I had completely shut everyone out of my life. I was in denial for the longest time and I had decided to just keep it to myself. Even now, I’m in tears because it was a terrifying experience to stand there and have these two beings dissect me with their eyes, and have this all-knowing... creepy f**king smile plastered across their faces as they took turns rehashing things that had happened in my life where no one else was around to see.



There were a few incidents that they had pointed out where I believed in my heart that had been miracles at the times they had taken place and I just didn’t know what to think anymore after having encountered these girls. And the times when I had done something bad like steal cookies. I know how stealing cookies would sound hilarious to anyone, but growing up in a deeply religious household my parents called anything “stealing” even if it was food from our own fridge! I had to ask for permission to do just about anything.



Throughout the years I began to question my own faith and I always wondered what these girls could have possibly really been because nobody’s eyes could flash white if they were truly human, could they? This is the first time since it happened that I’ve brought it up to anyone. I feel so strange about it even now.



My brother was about four years old at the time his toy ball had disappeared and reappeared, so I don’t think he remembers what he had told me about it having had bounced back to him “out of thin air” since he never mentioned it to me and I know that he eventually would have said something to me over the years, but he never has.


Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else out there? I’m f**cking paranoid.

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